16 comments on “Wolves swarm train. 1922.

    • Imagine that horrifying sight rolling into the station. It would have been like something out of a horror movie….
      I would rather have been on that train than in the sacrificial wedding party though, that’s for sure!

  1. Yikes!
    Just the title of this post stopped me in my tracks. Because many people in NYC call subways “trains” (they really are trains, but the word train is often relegated to the commuter lines that bring people in from outside the city). I had this horrific image of subway tunnels with packs of wolves. OMG.

    Now that’s a scary image!!!

    • It is a scary thought. I expect that after all the troubles you New Yorkers have suffered recently the thought of wolves in the subway wasn’t too hard to imagine 😦
      I bet our current day trains would be far more wolf resistant than those from 1922 though!

        • The passengers from 1922 defended themselves with pistols and rifles which makes me wonder what kind of trouble they were already expecting….
          Movies and tv cause me to believe that a NY crowd would be just as well armed but probably far grumpier that their trip was going to be delayed! 😉

          • Nope! Very few guns in NYC. Really — the movies lie. First of all they are very hard to buy here (strict laws) most that are here were purchased in other states and brought in.

            I was just imagining a few animal lovers talking to the wolves like a dog/wolf whisperer and the rest of the subway car being JOE COOL about it. New Yorker’s don’t like to admit to being phased unless they are the ones doing the ranting. I can even picture an angry woman yelling at the wolf until the animal backed down.

          • Oh no! You mean what I see on the screen is not real!! *tinkling noise as illusions shatter* 😉

            I can imagine people just flatly refusing to have their daily subway routine interrupted with any form of running or screaming, those wolves can just get out of their face and go on their way and nobody has to get hurt 😉

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