13 comments on “High fashion, made at home. 2012.

  1. Hang on, hang on. don’t run away. You can’t just leave me hanging here. The definition I got for a peplum is…….Short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket, blouse or dress. Since you were talking a bout a handbag this now all becomes as clear as mud. Please elucidate.

    • That is what a peplum is 🙂 Amy and her grandmother painted and beaded a brown handbag acid yellow and attached the pieces to the hips of her dress to make a ruffle on each hip.
      It is not to my taste, but I appreciate the effort and imagination that went into it.
      (The Herald-Sun link above has a photo of her in the dress)

  2. Ungh… I’m with David on this one. Just at the moment I’m imagining that she wore an over-sized handbag. 😦 Sorry, I don’t pay much attention to Fashions on the Field. It’s not that I don’t like fashion it’s just no longer a part of my track pants and ugg boots lifestyle. :/

    • Sitting here in my customary jeans and black t-shirt I am no fashion authority either! 🙂

      They turned the handbag into two beaded ruffles on the hips of the dress and I admire the way they obviously saw the potential for the shape of the bag to become something else altogether. (The Herald-Sun link above has a photo of her and you can see that the ruffles don’t just hang limply.)

      • Oh I see! I had to enlarge the photo quite a bit [old age is hell] and now I see what you’re talking about. God… to be so slim that you can afford to make your hips look bigger!

  3. The dress certainly is a one off, and a very imaginative use of op shop couture but no mention of the hat… I’m no style queen, and customarily adopt the same attire as you describe yours… I’d never have connected the possibilties of handbag – peplum.

    • If I hadn’t looked up peplum I would have assumed it meant ‘strangely shaped hat’! It always interests me to see how other people view the world. I would see an old bag, they saw the potential for an unusual accessory.
      My jeans and black t are never going to win me points for imagination, but at least I know that my clothes always match 😉

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