18 comments on “The scoop of a lifetime, denied…..

  1. So incredible, I had to look at the article for more detail… I’d love a look at the BBC’s health and safety rules… I wonder if they are guidelines, and in which case they could be circumvented, or they’ve drafted policies in the event of this occasion occurring…

    • Once I read it I had to go back again just to be sure it wasn’t in the ‘Totally Made Up’ section of the news. What a story.

      Who on earth thought that pointing a radio relescope at a planet, something it was designed to do, could end any differently than it does every other time they do it!

      The Beeb have been making Doctor Who for quite a long time, I wonder if the same writers are the ones who wrote the ‘dealing with alien contact’ part of their policies? 😉

    • I wonder if the executive who made the call to cancel this little stunt had watched Starship Troopers and freaked out?

      “Some say that the bugs were provoked by the humans intrusion into their natural habitat”

      Whenever I see an ad for ‘How I met Your Mother’ all I can see is Neil Patrick Harris calmly explaining how to take out this killer bug more effectively 🙂

  2. I wanna know what methods of health and safety are applied by all the others who do try to contact other planets. Do they all wear spacesuits to avoid contamination but take them off to go home at night?

    • Maybe the BBC got hold of the alien contact chapter of NASA’s code of conduct and decided that the facilities needed to decontaminate the contactees were way beyond their budget….

      Or maybe there was no Hollywood star (Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Arnie) available to save the world if things went wrong 😉

  3. I am adding this comment on behalf of the aliens who were caught in the spam filter:

    The Shadow: Once the Key is ours we shall set not two small planets, but the two halves of the entire cosmos at war, and their mutual destruction will be music in our ears! Unlike others, it is not power we seek, but destruction that we glory in.

    I usually ignore the spam but this one was directed at this post and is strangely relevant as it is trying to incite interplanetary war, not sell me cheap pharmaceuticals or online sex. Maybe the BBC were too late. The aliens already know where we are!!!

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