8 comments on “Somehow, his time was up. 1906.

    • 😀 I really wish I had a more accurate word to insert in the title than “somehow” but that was the most accurate thing I could say! I am still amazed!

    • How on earth did a bullock stand still long enough for the hand to be pushed so far into its body? Surely it would have dashed off at the first bit of pain?

      I am assuming here that a person had some reason for doing it and it wasn’t some sort of fall that caused it. However unlikely the stabbing might be, the fall is even more unlikely.

  1. That’s a coroner to be reckoned with to go to all the trouble to establish that it’s from the more-expensive eight-day grandfather clock! I suspect that if he worked that out he must’ve know from which clock exactly it came from… And therefore an idea of who did it… I suspect a cover up!

    • It is a llittle too accurate isn’t it? I guess it was such an unusual event it was worth covering his butt and making sure he had all the facts before making it public, assuming it is true of course.

      As always, I just report ’em, I can’t verify ’em! 😉

      I never thought of a cover-up though, I love a good conspiracy theory! 🙂

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