19 comments on “Musical torture and an expensive bit of vinyl….

    • I did at the start but there is one thing you are overlooking. The tuneless drone when he sings quietly along with the album! It isn’t loud enough to work out what song it is but loud enough to be massively annoying. 😀

    • Glad you liked it. The Muppets do make the world a better place, unfortunately the Man doesn’t have a Muppets album in his collection! 😉

    • He will use any excuse to get a new bit of stereo kit. To tell the truth I am surprised that he only bought a turntable and not something larger and even more unnecessary just because he could.
      Now I am just waiting for the horror to end….. 😉

  1. I’m entirely on The Man’s side here and of his obvious logic. Igf he can get his albums on his ipod or whatever he can preserve his collectors pieces safely somewhere out of harm’s way. S’obvious innit? I confess to buying a turntable last year with the same intent but Ju and I decided the albums were too well buried so I gave it to my son in law last month when they helped make a path from the bed to the bedroom door through all my collectibles. One day I may have to buy another and they may be collectors pieces themselves by then. Hugs

    • The Man’s albums were very well buried but he burrowed until they were retrieved…. curses! He has wanted one of those converting turntables for ages but the arrival of that last album was clearly the straw that broke the camels back.

      Really, if he had bought all of those albums on itunes or cd it would have cost far more than the turntable but he hasn’t though to use that as an excuse for the purchase just yet. That means I am safe to keep torturing him with the existence of what I have titled ‘The Most Expensive Album In The World’. It also means I can also spend an unreasonable amount of money on something silly and he will just have to grin and bear it 😉 .

  2. So many times it’s not the initial purchase, it’s all the necessary accessories that spin out the costs. Too funny… the Muppets add value to anything 🙂

    • I agree and I am as guilty of that as he is!

      The Muppets do make things better don’t they? I have had the latest Muppet movie waiting on the shelf, unwatched, for months. The kids and I sat on the couch all cuddled up together and watched the whole thing yesterday. It was a lovely afternoon, then I had “Lifes a Happy Song” running through my head all day 🙂

        • I have had Muppets movies since before I even thought of having kids! I have even segregated them from the kids dvds so they wouldn’t get manhandled when they had friends over 😉

          The new Muppet movie is all about the old fans and wondering if the Muppets are still relevant. You’ll love it!

  3. I quite like this song and I LOVE the muppet version but…what’s with the purple tracksuit and high heels? I may be a little shallow but it’s not a good look. 😦 And I strongly recommend ear-muffs Metan.

    • I’m not much of a Debbie Harry fan, the high pitch is too much for me and the fashion is just the horrible icing on the cake 🙂 I’m not sure ear muffs would work, we would all have to wear them and the kids and I would be shouting out to each other all night! 😉

        • Yes, the Man does have a large shed crammed full of blokey stuff. The problem with me suggesting he remove himself to the shed with his music could well mean that the cost of that album blows out by tens of thousands of dollars when he updates the shed from a man cave to a home theatre with the lot!

          Best I keep my mouth shut. If we had that kind of budget I would rather a new kitchen first! 🙂

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