17 comments on “Wartime messages.

  1. Somehow I can’t picture this being very successful. I wonder, would they have to (this is going to be disgusting) tear the bee apart to get the message off? Bees are small anyways, but if they glued a message onto a bee small enough that it wouldn’t hurt it so much when taken off, they’d have to have something smaller than a leprechaun to write the message out! Surely no human could write so tiny?Pigeons are more practical. 🙂

    • I think that they were photographing the message and reducing it (dramatically!) and then attaching this tiny copy to the bee. All I could think of was the single drop of rain that destroys the picture.

      I hadn’t thought about how to get the message off the bee, it can’t end well, can it? Poor bee… I agree, pigeons are far more practical than bees 🙂

  2. One question I can answer- bees can travel 5 miles then they look for a new home! Don’t think this was workable. Love to know what the message on the dead pigeon said

    • Thanks for that! 😀

      I thought something like that would be the case. I really doubted a bee could be taken far from home and find its own way back. Maybe if it flew it would have the mental ‘road map’ but to just be thrown up in the air and expected to find its way home after being transported in a box is a bit ridiculous. Bees and pigeons navigate in very different ways.

      I hope they publicize the message once it is decoded, it will be interesting to see what was important enough to be coded in the first place.

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