11 comments on “Caterpillar attack. 1933.

  1. It makes a great title for a blog post too!! I suppose they could have got a very slow steam roller to squish them? Not long after we first arrived in Oz I read a report i the Brisbane Courier that said there was a colony of Argentinian Ants, a mile or so wide, living under a suburb in Melbourne (I think it was Melbourne) – a larger and more aggressive ant that would wipe out the indigenous ants and take over (but take over what? the running of the local Woolworths supply chain?). It still troubles me and yet I haven’t heard a jot about it since. What sort of country did I emigrate to that can’t defend itself against a couple of ants that hopped on board a plane out of Argentina????!!

    • I wondered at the bit of this article that says it took the person 15 minutes to pick the critters off a wheels leaning against a wall. What was he doing? Carefully taking each of them to a safe garden nearby?

      I have heard about the Argentine ant thing but I guess there would be a few people a bit put out if the authorities wanted to dig up or poison miles of suburbs to take care of them 😉 This ABC report says that the colony has spread over 100 kilometers wide in 50 years of invasion. Amazing!

  2. Apparently there are caterpillars called spitfires that can actually be quite nasty so I think I’d be approaching that slow moving convoy with great caution. At least until I knew what they were.

    • We get large groups that have an irritating spray defence on the gum trees at times. They have a very bad attitude, you can almost hear them shouting while they wave their butts menacingly at you. They are only a few mm long though, and not a good shot, phew 🙂

      • Last year, or maybe the year before, we seemed to have those tiny, aggro bastards everywhere. I haven’t seen any so far. Which is just as well because I’m convinced one of them landed on the back of my neck and gave me a very nasty rash. 😦

        Have you noticed that even our smallest critters can be mean?

        • I know. It isn’t safe to put your hand anywhere in the garden sometimes! The Man was just out poisoning two Jumping Jack nests close to the house, horrible little buggers they are 😦

          • Ick. 😦 I try not to use any poisons but after I saw how well this shrubby thing burns, even when it’s green and fresh, I’ve gone on a spraying spree. I’ve been meaning to do a post about it. I even took some pictures using your macro tip! Actually I kind of shocked myself by how well the pics turned out. Nothing artistic mind you, just nice and clear. So thanks for that!

          • So glad to hear that it worked for you. Most people use their camera on the setting that it was on when they got it and never think to change them 🙂

            We tend to leave the garden alone and let it make its own way, our veg and berries get eaten by the birds and we just think of it as sharing, we pull the weeds out by hand and don’t waste water by hosing the lawn, it just has to get on by itself. The biting ants though…. we are happy to wreak chemical warfare on the horrible things.

            Some of those green shrubs are frighteningly read to burn aren’t they? The neighbours have an out of control hedge right along one wall of their house made up of a plant we ripped out because it goes up like a torch.

          • Gah… I wonder if that hedge is the same stuff I found? I will definitely do a practical post soon and include that pic.

            I sprayed those shrubs, by the by, but so far at least they just look happy. 😦

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