17 comments on “Blue Sun Orchid.

    • Thank you. 🙂 I am very glad I snapped it when I did, it has rained all night and is quite cold, I probably wont get another chance now.

  1. Oh what a cutey! Truly lovely Metan. Re the colours, I’ve noticed that many of my pig faces have changed colour. I had a clump of beautiful lavender ones and now they’re white. Maybe all sorts of plants require a certain intensity of light for different colours?

    • You are probably right, I wonder if there is some sort of deficiency in the soil that is causing them to lose their intensity? I always think of Hydrangeas and the way you can change their colour by changing the soil ph. Our soil is rather impoverished and it amazes me that anything lives there at all!

          • I hear ya! We have a lemon tree up on the Hill that is hip high. It has been hip high for about 15 years now, the poor thing. I admire its persistance but if it was me I probably would have given up the ghost by now 😦

          • lmao! Mine is armpit high! I figure it’s going to take me about 20 years just to build up the soil quality in a few small places. I’ve been working at it for about 8 years already but most of those years have been spent painstakingly building small terraces to stop what soil there is washing away with every hard rain. It’s a challenge.

          • My problem is that to bring in tonnes of soil to make good gardens for fruit trees and veg means that all these little natives will be destroyed and I can’t do that to them!
            My dream is a row of fruit trees along the fenceline. A distant, happy, dream that is unlikely to ever come to umm… fruition 😉

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