26 comments on “It’s moments like these you need…. not to be a cow.

  1. Blasting cap/detonator need the explosive and a certain amount of heat to be ale to go off… Unless the cow ate so,etching else, this one ‘s blown out of the farmyard.

    • I thought that just biting one would not make it go off but I have found other articles suggesting that it took very little encouragement for things to go bang. One small boy found during class that a dynamite cap stabbed with a compass will blow up (a post for another day!) and a goat blew a hole in the side of a mountain after chewing on one. https://picsandstuff.wordpress.com/2012/08/21/not-so-wonderful-for-the-goat-1907/

      I suspect in this case it was probably less of the chewing and more of the addition of liquid to carbide. I don’t know if carbide was used in detonators but it was quite readily available and this isn’t the first article in this vein so it must have tasted pretty good 😉

      Of course there is always the chance that the stories were complete fabrications!

        • I often wonder if they are talking about real manufactured detonators/blasting caps in articles like this or if it is some sort of homemade thing. Not sure what use a dairy farm has for them but you know blokes, if they can make something go BOOM they will 🙂

          Plus we all know what OH&S is now and try to avoid killing people. Back then things were a little slacker weren’t they! 😉

          • Yup, maybe the frames wanted to make a milkshake… Lol probably not a good idea. And OH & S has made most things safer… some of it has gone the way of PC (too far in the wrong direction)

          • Yeah, I think I’d be staying away from that bucket of milk…. ick 😛

            OH&S is good to a degree but people need to take responsibility for themselves don’t they? We shouldn’t need rules for people about commonsense things. Can’t legislate against stupidity I spose 😉

    • So glad you watched the song. 😀 What a laugh! All four of us totally cracked up at the “I think I just heard a moo.” as well.

      I was watching it on youtube before the next show had even started and the Man kept chuckling during the next viewing as well. 🙂

        • People can always amaze us, can’t they? Gone are the days when being in the public eye meant you had to have more than one talent. These days people get famous for being in the right place at the right time and we are always surprised when they actually have real skills! 🙂

          • So many of them are completely bereft of talent I wonder why airtime is being wasted on them. Prime example is Brynne Edelsten. That clothes dodgers only talent is being able to stand living in the same house, sorry, mansion, as old Geoff!

          • lmao – Ooooh Metan has teeth! I don’t know who Brynne Edelsten is but I assume she’s a youngish bimbo married to money?

          • I expect that you have seen the ads for her new show called (I think) My Bedazzled Life and your brain has shut down in shock 😉

            She is a too-young American bimbo with massive… ummm… assets…. and not enough taste in clothing, married to the dodgy Geoffery Edelsten. Remember him? Big money in the 80’s, bought the Swans and had a medical practice that seemed to have been decorated by Elton John’s stylist?

          • lmao – I remember /him/, the wannabe rockstar MD but I seriously don’t watch much tv so I’ve missed her completely. Thank god!

          • She’s perfect for him. Dippy and big boobed. That is all a trophy wife needs really, isn’t it? Clearly he isn’t looking for good conversation….

  2. Moo-icide 😉 I thought it was goats who would eat anything. Rich Hall, and anything Spicky & Specky are hilarious. I’m saving this one for another listen (I’m sure I saw that episode) when I’m not at the office… raucous laughter seems slightly out of place 🙂

    • Moo-icide? I love it!!

      We love Spick and Specks too and I doubt I could find a bad clip from the entire run of shows. A good idea to kepp your enjoyment to yourself, they might find something horrible to do in order to get you in a more appropriate frame of mind 😉

      • The G.O. while we listened to Rich Hall advised a railway det chewed by a cow would have this effect… if it was him he’d be looking forward to steaks 😉

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