33 comments on “Unwelcome mail.

    • We aren’t having rain, quite the opposite, the weather is gorgeous! Perhaps they are all on holiday, seeking out new places, meeting new people, scaring the crap out of them…. 😉

  1. Oh no! Those Hunstmans look to be something I’d squish at arms length, rather then just stepping on. Wouldn’t want to chance it latching on to my shoe! The other day a large black and fuzzy spider went scampering across the floor and he is now history. He really should have thought twice before coming in the house. 😉

    • I can’t squish them when they are walking around but if I suspect there is one in the mail the whole lot gets dropped on the lawn and I do my special Die Spider Die dance and stomp on every square centimeter of them. If they are in need of squashing in other situations it is usually the sharp edge of the broom that gets them!

      Spiders should have worked out by now that coming inside our houses means a death sentence, shouldn’t they!? 🙂

      • “Spiders should have worked out by now that coming inside our houses means a death sentence, shouldn’t they!?”

        Yep. They’ve probably ate too many bugs that it did something to their minuscule brains 😉

  2. Euck. After we moved back into the Old house I grew up in. I asked um why there were so many spiders now, I couldn’t remember seeing them as a kid. She got to them first was her reply. And thats what I do now. Sorry spider, bugs and scorpion…. Squishy time for you. Aren’t these spiders actually harmless to humans coz they can’t pierce our skin, or am I mistaken for another one?

    • They do bite and apparently it does hurt but is not dangerous. I am not sure how much it really hurts though, seeing something that big bite you would probably make you jump around and shout even if it had only licked you gently 😉

      Spiders are all killed when they come inside our house. I give them a five minute warning, get out or get squished, but if they don’t take my suggestion, well, then it is splat for them….

      I can’t squish scorpions though, I find them very cute. We don’t get them inside too often but they love the woodpile which is why I never get wood in the dark without gloves on! Number 2 is a bug lover so anything with less than eight legs gets carefully carried to safety by him.

  3. I looked. 😦

    Feel a little squirmy but I’ve had huntsman in my letterbox too so I :
    a) don’t empty my letterbox often and
    b) do the snatch and throw technique whenever I do.

    The S&T requires multiple bending to pick up said mail but is preferable to hugging a huntsman without knowing it.

    When I was looking up the benefits of lemon oil, I read one article that said to rub lemon oil around doors and windows because apparently spiders don’t like the smell. I think I might just start with my letterbox. I’ll let you know if the aversion therapy works.

    • Hmmm, if the lemon thing works on spiders I may have to plant dozens of them around the house like a citrusy spider repelling wall.

      I agree with the S&T technique. If there is only one letter it gets flipped on the pick up so I can check but the local paper *shudder* that gets stomped without question.

        • I confess that I get multiple local papers every week and never read a word. They are good for lighting the fire and the Man uses them for unmentionable things in the shed. I wonder what proportion of them actually get read or if everyone uses them for the same purposes as us?

          • I use old bank statements to start fires so my papers go straight into the big yellow bin! My guess is that we’re not alone. And /that/ means the businesses paying advertising money to those publications aren’t getting much back for their dollar. Such a shame…

          • We have a wood fire so I always put confidential letters in the copper that holds my kindling. I get to chuck them in when the fire is going well because I am lazy and mainly light it with firelighters! 😉

            I always find the waste of paper a shame, but you know what is driving me crazy at the moment? Those stupid coffee pods that go in the home coffee machines. One pod for every cup? What a ridiculous waster of resources! Grrrrr…. What is wrong with people!!!!

          • I’ve seen those coffee pods advertised but I’ve never used them. I think we’ve gone past the ‘throw away’ society to a world where convenience is king. Why are manufacturers allowed to get away with these blatant and obviously wasteful products????

          • We have never used them either and just seeing them in the shops makes me grind my teeth. I’m with you, I thought consumers were a little more aware these days and would not want things like that but they still make their way onto the shelves….

          • The planet runs in cycles (snowball earth) and that just because we like it how it is now temperature-wise doesn’t mean it will stay that way, the planet wasn’t designed just for us! Nevertheless, wasting resources and creating ridiculous amounts of pollution just because we are so lazy we have to get everything in single serves is just wrong!

          • We are horribly wasteful because we ‘can’. I keep thinking of that old saying – no such thing as a free lunch. I wonder how future generations will think of us. 😦

          • I expect they will wonder why we were so selfish 😦

            I can’t understand why people are so wasteful. I put our recycling bin out last night for the first time in eight weeks. It was full for the first time in years. We try to use as little packaging as possible and out rubbish bin rarely goes out full (unless I forget it for a week, oops!) I hate seeing the same ones packed to the overflowing out on the street each week.

            We live in a terribly consumer-centric society, don’t we?

          • I try to buy as little packaging as possible and yet it still mounts up. The worst thing is that so much of the packaging is non recyclable. Surely it wouldn’t be that hard to come up with alternatives.

          • Agreed! Or those packets within packets within packets. They drive me crazy! The first time I saw packets with individually wrapped Mentos on the shelf in the lolly aisle I was furious! 😦

  4. Boy, you are tough on spiders unless they are providing you with photo opportunities 😉 Unless they’re poisonous, I like them, for the least, their entertainment value as the G.O. hates them (with reason as he seems to attract bites – spider karma?) and mumbles complaints when I leave them be in the house, or catch and re-home. I have also been known though to do the girly ”eeeek!” followed by some swearing when caught unwares.

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