13 comments on “Ghengis returns, hungry and tired.

  1. I love the post title, actually I’m envious… I want to write something I can name “Ghengis returns, hungry & tired” 🙂 I wonder about that too. I think Itchy & Scratchy would be up for another escapade but Ghengis might retire 🙂

    • I was pretty pleased with that title, I couldn’t have called it anything else!
      Since he was called Ghengis I really wanted him to have needed some sort of military action to be recaptured! Oh well, at least he wasn’t the first to submit. I bet he will just not want to talk about his time on the outside, just telling the others to go on without him 🙂

  2. Ah I’m glad Ghengis is home. I was picturing him alone and hungry, wondering around in a world where there have never been any devils in the wild [or at least not for a few thousand years]. I hope the zoo does some judicious pruning before the next big storm.

    • They are pretty cute, aren’t they? Feisty little buggers as well! I was really glad that their story was followed up on. So many times something interesting is reported and you never hear what happens at the end.

      • I didn’t even know until recently that tasmanian devils were real. You can imagine the delight that little bit of news caused… Thank you for covering this story, let us know any more in the saga! 🙂

        • I expect that we won’t hear too much more from these little guys. They will be in their new extra strong enclosure making up stories about all the things that happened to them ‘on the outside’ and probably happy to never go out there again 😉 If I hear anything I will be sure to let you know!

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