12 comments on “A bovine gentleman, lost. 1916.

  1. I hesitate to point out that you can look at as many cows as you like without thinking of them as Bovine Gentlemen. I can’t say the same for bulls however. In this story I sort of wish it had been a cow which had got itself stuck since the bull is not doing the idea of the male brain function any favours.x Hugs

    • Sorry, maybe I should have said steers instead, although they are also minus the thing that qualifies you as a gentleman…. Hmmmmm… you know what I mean anyway! 😀

      The only saving grace for this bovine gentleman is that they had to demolish the magazine to get him out. If they had just walked in and led him out because he didn’t think to turn around, well, that would make him look even sillier.

  2. And a fortunate bovine gentlemen he was. The fates were kind that day, at least. I don’t supposed it occurred to the owner that the the old powder magazine was an obvious hidey hole for his missing bull. Who knows what they think?

    • I thought the same thing, when you are looking for a lost thing, especially a valuable thing like him, surely you look inside every space big enough to fit him. Maybe the owner rode past and just thought there was no way the creature would be silly enough to go in there. 🙂

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