26 comments on “Summer is on its way and the critters are out.

  1. Winter is supposed to be around the corner in the UK, but we still have bees in the garden! A lot colder here than there, I’m guessing.

    • Awww, thanks 😀

      Actually it is not too hard to take good macro photos. I have a good (and expensive!) zillion Mb camera now, but my last one was a 4Mb Kodak that was years old and I could still get amazing pictures with it. Use the macro setting (the little flower one) and get in low and close. If you practice taking pictures of things that don’t move in your garden it won’t be long before you really get the hang of it.

      • Hmm… I blush to say I’ve never really looked at any of the settings on my Coolpix but I just found something that looks like flowers and selected it. I got one super closeup of Mogi’s nose…
        Maybe I’ll try the roses tomorrow. 😀

        • Most people never do, they just point and shoot and hope for the best!
          I started by taking photos of all of the flowers in my garden for practice, raindrops on petals, interesting bark, leaves…. Go for it, I am sure you will come up with some interesting pictures!

          • My tips for good photos are,

            Change your angle- squat down on the ground and take them, they are completely different from the picture you get when you stand.

            Practice and then delete! (keep the good ones of course)

            Don’t wait for people to smile or look at the camera, just take the pic and then quickly take a few more, one of them will be perfect. Sometimes I don’t even look, I see a good people shot and just point and shoot so I don’t miss it. If it works I might have a gem, if it doesn’t it gets deleted!

            The best photos aren’t taken with the best camera, they are just looking in the right place at the right time. It is a beautiful day today, go out and get some pictures right now!! 😉

          • 🙂 Actually, because of this conversation I have been looking at a pic I took at Coober Pedy on my humble mobile phone a few years ago. It is nowhere near as good as the bee but I love it anyway!
            I’m going out there with my camera right now too, can’t waste the sun it will probably be a yuck weekend….

    • Hate the humidity, here it is quite humid in summer, not drip drip kind of humid but enough that everyone mopes around wishing for a cool change.

    • I’m very pleased that you like it 😀

      It is another gorgeous day out there today and I have to go out in a minute grrrr… I can hear my camera calling sadly from the bedroom 😦

  2. Summers make me positively weep with anguish. It’s been cold and cloudy for the past couple of days, and frankly, I love it. I bless that busy, chilly sky.

    But I have learned to admire spring – the freshness, the hint of cool, the returning life – and your lovely photograph expresses its promise perfectly.

    • Those days when the heat is so intense I can’t even think clearly and the nights when sleep is impossible are everything I hate about weather. These wonderful spring days when the sky is blue, the air is cold and all nature is out and about are my very favourite times.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the picture.

    • I would love know where the bees are storing their treasure. Judging by the year round activity in our garden there is a big cache of lavender and grevillea honey out there somewhere!

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