14 comments on “Spitfire resale value falls dramatically.

  1. Amazing story! What a find it must have been!

    How crazy is this world – who would have been able to predict we’d be spending our Friday discussing Spitfire resale values…

  2. It must be Friday because after reading this I had this weird thought – what if all those crates had remained unfound… for hundreds of years? Imagine the archeologist who finally unearthed them like dinosaur bones and tried to put them together. Bet they wouldn’t look like spitfires. 😀

    • Probably by then they would be a rusted mass and there would be no way of working out what they were meant to be. I wonder what kind of machines would have been imagined by those future archaeologists?

      How wrong do you think some of our interpretations are of historical discoveries?!

        • When I see documentaries that give us an interpretation of things that have been found I often wonder how much is hyperbole. They can’t really know everything, I wonder how much is made up?

  3. Hopefully the planes were packed in some sort of wrapping material and plenty of grease was applied to the appropriate parts when stored.

    This stuff always fascinates me. It’s like an unintentional time capsule, and therefore, a lot more interesting.

    I remember reading a couple years back about a World War II tank that was pulled from a lake somewhere in Central Europe. It originally belonged to the Soviets, but was then captured and “repurposed” by the Germans. At some point, I believe near the war’s end, the Nazis drove it into a deep lake to keep it out of enemy hands, where it rested for more than 60 years.

    Of course, the locals knew about it and eventually some researcher-types finally got around to pulling it out. The story was not only written in a foreign language, but in Cyrillic, so I had no way to reading it to determine what kind of shape the inside of the tank was in, but the outside was remarkably good, according to the photos, likely because it was cold-water lake.

      • Interesting story. I hadn’t seen this; you wouldn’t think the insides would be in good shape, but tanks weren’t exactly built fancy, were they? This sort of stuff fascinates me. Thanks for the link.

        • You’re welcome, it is fascinating stuff. I searched ‘ tank in lake’ and there were quite a few things, including youtube clips surprisingly! No, tanks weren’t too fancy, I suppose the amount of deterioration all depends on environmental conditions in the lake. Still, even dragging out a wrecked one would make most people’s day!

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