15 comments on “It’s orchid season. No mowing here!

    • Grrr… Once the mower goes on I think that they just can’t help themselves! I have been known to use sticks and branches to booby-trap certain areas of the hill in order to save particular plants from the mower of doom.

  1. I don’t see how the Man can be unhappy at being told NOT to mow something. I once had a yard similar – native bush at the back, and so many jewels… that Waxlip orchid is a beauty 🙂 I’m pretty sure the new owners have or attempted to, terraced it… b&stards. I like how you differentiate between the neighbours.

    • I think it is because it is a big job and he has to psyche himself up to do it, then I smack him back down. 🙂

      The good neighbours are a young couple with small kids, they are lovely and we are often all yacking over the fence on a sunny weekend. They are not the stickynose, eavesdropping mopeys on the other side! The mopeys love nature and don’t believe in mowing. The only thing that has achieved is to fill their garden knee deep with weedy grasses and completely obliterate the thriving orchid habitat that was there until they moved in. If it was as nature intended there would be grazers munching away keeping the grasses down so their reasoning is completely up the spout!

      A pity about your old garden, some people just have to have the magazine perfect garden without looking at what else can be beautiful, don’t they?.

      • I had trouble selling the house because of it. It seems a 4 bedroom brick & tile home with tidy lawns is far more viable… I’d like to have seen Richard Attenborough – The World of Neighbours…

        • Nice lawns are such a pain to maintain though aren’t they? The dog and the kids love the scrubbiness up the back, it is like an adventure playground for them! Sometimes we leave fallen logs etc out there to help build up natural terraces as the soil quailty is so poor.

          I can only imagine The World of Neighbours, that would be great! I think there would have to be an entire episode devoted to our worship of Bunnings as well 😉

  2. Love the orchids. And I’m sure my hubby would be wanting to pull everything out. But as its kinda a ‘bush’ block, it would be easy to stop. More piccies please.

  3. I don’t have orchids, sadly, but that may not be a bad thing because the alpacas would eat them anyway. 😦 I fight a never-ending battle keeping the alpacas away from the bits of garden where I have planted precious things. -sigh- All my fruit trees have been pruned to head height by the alpacas and everything else only survives because it’s fenced off. Still, I see the trade-off as still in my favour. And like the nice biblical reference says – don’t muzzle the oxen that tread the grain. Or in my case, don’t curse the alpacas that keep the area bushfire safe[ish].

    • There are probably orchids just over the fence and out of reach of the alpaca teeth, often they are very tiny or well disguised and you only find them if you look for them 🙂

      I wouldn’t complain about my risk reducers eating my garden either. Well, I might complain, but I wouldn’t really mean it 🙂

    • They have so many varieties of purple, from very dark to almost white. This halfway colour is lovely, isn’t it, and it is unusual to find one with two flowers on one stem, like this one. They are one of my favourite flowers 🙂

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