13 comments on “Best way to clean a fur coat (but never want to wear it again).

  1. Coming home from a holiday is a schizophrenic thing isn’t it? There’s the pleasure of being back ‘home’ with all the good things that implies, but then there is also the aftermath of the trip – the washing, the cleaning and the boredom of routine. You have my sympathy. I’m trying to spring clean my house in preparation for nano [and summer] but the intestinal fortitude is lacking. 😦

    • Everyone I have seen lately is spring cleaning! It must be this glorious weather, it gets us cleaning out our cupboards and going mad out in the garden. I admit I am more likely to be found pottering out in the garden wishing I could be bothered cleaning than actually inside doing it!

  2. The clothes would have be very dirty before you would think cleaning them with petrol would be viable. I think if that was the case, you’d be better off going that bit further and striking the match!

    • Judging by the articles I have found it was quite a regular thing. Imagine a night at the theatre, all the women in their furry finery and the men in their nice clean suits, all stinking of the garage. Every time a cigarette was lit anything could happen!

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