8 comments on “Watching Miniscule things.

    • They are very silly. The Man’s favourite character is the ladybird. The roar of an engine always accompanies their flying and they do their best to annoy all of the other critters, with hilarious results.

  1. love, love LOVE Miniscule! I hate spiders but my favourite character is the tiny black house spider – so smart and sneaky! Except that the fly always seems to be sneaker.:/

    • I’m so glad that it is not just us loving this bit of silliness. I love the tiny black house spider too. His little tap tappy feet and the way things always go wrong for him, he is irresistible.

  2. These are fantastic. Love the sound effects. That poor snail, I was writing for its shell to pop off… Knowing it wouldn’t of course. And the spiders face… Priceless.

    • That spiders face with his furry looking teeth just cracks me up each time. The sound effects really make it, the episodes with the ladybirds or dragonflies sound like car races. 🙂

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