18 comments on “Devils on the run.

    • Tassie devils are native to Tasmania, we don’t have them here on the mainland although there are many in zoos and sanctuaries. I love them and I expct that there would be a lot of peope who would love them as pets, until the biting starts that is!

      You are lucky in NZ, beautiful scenery without the possibility of bitey death at any time! 😉

  1. I saw this on the news! Poor little guys. I don’t know whether to hope they get caught and taken back to safety or hope they stay free. 😦

    • I hope they get caught. I am not sure that they will be very happy finding their own food and places to live. They would be pretty lonely too, Whenever I see them in the sanctuary they are always happily and noisily playing together.
      Hopefully they have had a nice holiday out and about though!

          • lmao – I’m really glad they’re not running wild here in Victoria, that’s for sure! My wusses wouldn’t stand a chance.

          • Poor Jack got monstered by a possum the other night, boy they sound growly when they are upset. They have nothing on a Tassie Devil though, the poor little thing would never go outside again!

          • I know we’ve got at least one huge possum that comes visiting at night coz I’ve seen him, up in the tree, glaring at Mogi who was barking like crazy. This thing was about three times the size of a chihuahua cross midget! Scary indeed.

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