17 comments on “A wandering drive and another lizard, a happier one this time!

  1. You drive around in no particular direction with no destination in mind? No wonder the sat-nag tries to play with your minds. it’s what you’ve taught her. Get her to a therapist immediately.

    • We definitely don’t put her on when we are driving in the bush! None of those tracks are in her and she just nags and nags and nags until we get back to the main road while the little picture of our car floats in nothingness on her screen.
      I tell the Man that it is her fault she is demented, her makes wrong turns then ignores her and goes his own way. I think frustration caused her to lose her mind 🙂

        • Definitely demented. The last one we had was put to rest after we drove all the way to Phillip Island with her screen saying ‘calculating route’ while the little picture followed us along the exact road we were on and, as you know, there is only the one road to get there!!

          Poor things, it is a pity to put them in the bin after the good service they have given, all the way up until they lose thier minds of course 😉

          • lmao – alas poor idiot savant! I’m glad I don’t have one coz I’d probably name it and then have to give it a formal burial. God knows what I’ll do when my Jimmy [my corolla] finally turns up his toes. He’s been with me now since 1993! -knock on wood- Still going strong too. 😀

  2. Jacky Dragon…I like that name too. In South Africa we have a blue-headed lizard called a Bloukopkoggelmander in Afrikaans. Afrikaans is all hard Ks and growling Rs and throat-clearing Gs and it makes saying ‘bloukopkoggelmander’ about as fun a word to say as I can imagine.

    • I took your advice and did my best to say bloukopkoggelmander with hard K’s growly R’s and hacking G’s. I am sure it sounded nothing like it really should but you are right, it was fun to say anyway. The dog looked at me very strangely too 🙂

      One of my favourite Australian critter names is a frog called the Pobblebonk. That name has the dual benefit of being amusing and sounding like a frog all at the same time. Bless those people who didn’t feel the need to name everything after explorers and royalty!

    • You can’t see very clearly in the photo but he also has a row of small spikes running down his back, very monstery! I loved his tail, it was so long I gave up on trying to fit it into the picture. They are supposed to have a bright yellow mouth too, this guy wasn’t as annoyed as the Stumpytail from the other day though so I had no chance to verify! 🙂

  3. Whenever do a roadtrip or drive we invoke our theme song, Powderfinger’s Lost & Running 🙂 I’ve enjoyed being a virtual passenger along on your trip 🙂

    • Love the Finger! Definitely anthem worthy. I’m really glad you came along for the trip 🙂

      One of the songs the ipod kept playing was Four Weeks Gone by Goanna. Annoyingly there is no clip for it on youtube so I can’t put it here, it was very appropriate when we were driving on ‘those rolling plains’.

    • This little bloke had spikes all the way down his back though so he looked a bit like a long skinny Bearded Dragon. The tail though, how long is it! It kept on going quite a way out of the bottom of the photo too.
      The Stumpy was great though, I was sorry to ruin his afternoon sunbathe but was happy to get the photos.

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