25 comments on “Safely home (no thanks to the GPS), and none too happy about it either.

  1. Sometimes reading your blog is a real education. Especially the last bit today where you talk about a ‘Counter Lunch’. I have every sympathy with you and the mentally disturbed midget in the sat-nag. After the experience with ours coming home from the wedding, no-one will ever convince me they aren’t malevolent. Glad you’re home safely but I’ll miss the on the road blogs.
    I’m with you ! If we ever replace the sat-nag, Darth Vader is the way to go.

    • I greatly sympathized with you when I read your wedding post, relying on a GPS is fraught with danger isn’t it 🙂 At least the entertainment value of Lord Vader would be something worthwhile. I would love Yoda to do it but I am a little scared of the confusing backwards talk he would have! “The next left, you should turn.” “When safe, a u-turn you should make”.

      A counter lunch is one of the delights of country towns. They are renowned for the meat being as big as the plate, it is not often I can get through an entire parma, no matter how hard I try! Just as well the salad is a small side, makes me feel better about leaving it entirely 😉

    • I found that the voice of Brian Blessed is available for the GPS too. I would only be able to imagine him doing dressed in the armour he wore when playing the King in Blackadder though. 🙂

  2. Hmm- sat navs! What can I say- we have just had a fabulous adventure in the US and MaryLou did not help! She will be making more than one appearance in my blog!

  3. Geeenius. What you had for lunch is making me salivate— a field mushroom stack! YUM.

    Also, about GPS— I really need one, but I don’t travel enough to justify the expense. Finally, if I do eventually get one, I want one with a Darth Vader voice. No, wait— Elmo. No, wait— Barney Fife.

    Genius post. Glad you’re safe and sound at home!

    • I am usually a parma girl, trying strange things is fraught with danger from my sensitive stomach, but the mushroom stack sounded too good to resist. It was so delicious that as soon as I finshed I wanted to order 3 more right away. I couldn’t fit them in, I just wanted to look at/smell that beautiful again!

      Oh, Elmo doing the GPS, what a laugh that could be! I did find this clip of Bert and Ernie doing the gps though 🙂

  4. Welcome back and just reading the ingredients of the mushroom stack is making my mouth water! Gosh [did I just say that?]. There’s so much in this post. The gateway is ugly but imagine if that road went through the nice bits – there wouldn’t be any! Don’t own a mobile idiot box but The Daughter has one and it’s taken her on some interesting rides through the backwoods. Melways for me! But… I want that Darth Vader voice as well! Snarky evil is the best. 😀

    • It WAS mouth watering! The Man had a mixed grill so large he couldn’t finish it which is a rarity that even the kids commented on, and Number 1 had a hamburger that was a work of art. Number 2 is a non-eater who still managed to finish a nice spag bog from the kids menu. Would definitely go back there again.

      GPS seem to be confusing for everyone, I wonder if there is someone out there who has never had trouble with them? Would love the Vader voice 😀

      • Everyone I know seems to complain about their gps device and yet so many people have them. Maybe the problem is that the onboard computer can’t distinguish between main roads and some of the tracks that pass as roads around here!

        • Actually, I think that the problem is that no-one ever updates the software. I expect that is our problem, the thing is that the price of the update is comparable to a new unit. We will get a new one and I expect that in a years time we will be back to square one. We are thinkng of getting the Hema map GPS, 4wd maps and hundreds of extra dollars. We will definitely keep that one updated!

          • I think you could be right. It’s like antivirus software, kind of useless unless it’s uptodate.

          • I find myself very annoyed every time I think that we should update it as, really, it is easier to just get a new one and that is so wasteful. Imagine how many people chuck theirs out each year for the latest model. We have kept ours for years and she has random shutdown issues at inconvenient times too, but I still feel bad about throwing it away.

          • I’m like that too. If something still works then I can’t see why I need an upgrade. I know upgrading keeps mammoth corporations alive and in the black but…. 😦

  5. Love a good counter meal. Hubby gets in a tizzy if he can’t have a Parma, he can smell one on the menu a mile away, while I always have trouble choosing.

    Love the Darth Vader. We had a few laughs when on our last trip through NSW and the poor girl on our gps was getting nearly coz her road was in the paddock to our left, while we’re following the roadworks…. Then, although hard to get lost in the NT if you stick to the highway, we thought we’d try another language, that was jot fun, can you imagine how hard it is to get back to the start when you have no idea what the words are… ?

    I think a cheese stick is better than nothing, but then, I can only imagine what people would be saying here if we decided to put up an entrance like that. What do we have…. Suburbs and roadworks, and a shopping centre. The only good thing is coming from the east when you hit the bridge (Tasman bridge) you can see the whole glory that is the Mountain (mount Wellington) on a good day. Otherwise, Hobart is boring for people coming in.

    • I usually have trouble choosing and go for the parma too, it is something you never seem to be disappointed with!

      God, GPS is hard enough without a foreign voice giving you bad directions too. You are very brave! 😀

      I wonder why they always put up things that are representing something in a cryptic way? The cheesestick is supposed to represent the gold rush. The gold rush for gods sake! A giant yellow boom gate? Whoever was paid good money for that should hang their heads in shame.

      A big mountain would be a nice thing to see as you drive in but I think it might have been a bit beyond their budget 😉

      • Really, the gold rush, I would never have known. Not the first thing I would have thought driving through there. I had to laughs, a lot, reading this. You certainly have a knack for words. Wonder if they are up to moving mountains to get what they want…?

        • 🙂 I think they used it to represent the gold rush as the road you are entering after you pass under it is the one which used to lead to the gold fields. (I am going to do a post on it in the future) Although it is just a boring road now, it didn’t used to be that way. The gold miner did move mountains though 😉

    • I want the holiday feeling to last as long as possible tha’s for sure. I only collected the mail from the neighbour last night, I was pretending that there were no bills to pay!
      I couldn’t make up things that are as interesting, crazy or strange as reality 😉

  6. I hate being neither twixt nor twain. I’m either on holidays away or at home, and unbearable in between. The G.O. & I are both grumpy bums on the last days of a break… not a good scenario 😉 Go for the Darth Vader voice. We use the navigation on my phone aka Sweetie-Pie… for some reason the G.O. can understand her versions of the street names, but not me. For instance last weekend, I couldn’t work out where Dude St was… aha Duke St, and Mckery St… Macquarie St… but she’s never gotten us lost 🙂

    • Oh yes, the bad translations, or how she breaks down the words into syllables which have no bearing on the actual pronounciation! Maroondah Highway is one of the main roads in this area, there is no way she can pronounce that one properly, as soon as she says it the kids will always echo her mangled word and burst out laughing.

      I’m impressed that the G.O. can understand her, I expect that sometimes ours gets us turned around just because she hates the Man. I hate his driving too so I totally understand that 🙂

      I bet that calling yourselves grumpy bums is an understatement too, a holiday drawing to a close is a very miserable thing 😦 😦

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