20 comments on “I dare you to try this beauty cream!

  1. This is one of those cases where the physician ( the snail) can’t heal itself. Anyone who uses this stuff is required to say Thank You to all the snails who deed in the making of the cream.

    • In my forays ino the garden I have noticed that handling snails or slugs means the slime on your skin is quite thick and goopy. I can’t imagine that there is too much real slime in the container (I really want to believe there is none at all though). As with most beauty products I expect that the main ingredient is water….

  2. I wonder what bright spark came up with this one? Then again, I’ve seen lots of little snails but I wouldn’t know what a geriatric snail looked like. Maybe they get eaten before they get too wrinkly.

        • Surely there would be an old wives tale about how good snails were for your skin if they really did do it good. I have never heard about it though, hmmmm… surely this product isn’t all hokum! 😉

          • Maybe this is another case of smoke and mirrors? You know like the beauty products that claim they’re full of some natural product and then, when you read the list of ingredients you realise there’s maybe 0.00001% of extract of XX in amongst all the crap with chemical names.

            If they ever bring out a perfume called Eau d’Escargot I might get worried though.

          • I thought the same thing too and looked up what snail shells are made of, since they are telling us that the cream will fix our scars like snails fix their shells.
            This bit of wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conchiolin) tells me a stuff I don’t fully understand, but seems to be saying that the stuff that makes shells will not be good for soft supple skin, doesn’t it? I have never wanted my face to look like a snail shell, and even if I did I wouldn’t be buying this cream to do it!

          • Just read that wiki article and I’m as clueless as you. The only thing I picked up on was the oblique reference to collagen. I don’t think the stuff in snail shells is going to build a framework for collagen though.

            If this cream really worked we might all end up looking and feeling as plastic as barbie dolls. 😦 Yuck, yuck, yuck.

          • Yuck is right, but I think if you believe all the claims of beauty creams, resembling a Barbie doll might be something you strive for!

    • I forgot about that. You could inject poison into your face then smear it with dead snails. As J.G. said above it sounds like something out of the history books, doesn’t it?

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