9 comments on “Inglewood for lunch, and some tempting shopping.

  1. Sounds like a fab end to your trip. And I must go there one day, second hand shops and cheap vinyl!! Bing it on. As a ford fan I was hoping too that someone would crack but Lowndes did a brilliant job to get back into place in only a few laps…

    • When Lowndes was 4th and fighting for 3rd I wouldn’t have wanted to be in front of him. He is one scary guy. I just waited for him to run the guy off the road and take the fine just to get the placing.
      He looked pretty annoyed at not getting a stab at second afterwards though, didn’t he? Most would have been thrilled at third!

      We are sad that the trip has to end, oh well, buy a tatts ticket and hope… 😉

  2. Oh I couldn’t resist that video clip! Back in the day I absolutely adored that song, and the gorgeous looking guy who sang it. I bought the LP and suffered the biggest disappointment of my life. 😦 I didn’t like any of the other songs. I hope The Man is not like me.

    Btw what happened to Moving Pictures? I can’t remember if they had any other hits after that monster one.

    All your talk about small country towns and their amazing second hand shops has made me drool. When I was married we didn’t have much money so our honeymoon was a trip up to Newcastle to stay with family for a few days. On the way back we stopped off in Tumut and found some wonderful, cheap treasures. One was an old railway clock [which I still have] and the other was a small, chamfered marble slab that still has pride of place in my kitchen, next to the cooktop.

    Aaaaah, good memories. 🙂

    • If he is disappointed with the rest of it he will still be pleased that he has that one song on vinyl. He actually said at the time he wasn’t even really expecting the album to be in too good a condition, he just wanted it and was willing to risk it for ten bucks.

      Those kinds of treasures are much better than a tacky souvenir (although they have their place too sometimes).

      • Oh I hope the album is in good nic! I understand he just wanted it for sentimental reasons or whatever but still. And yes, definitely better than some cheesy souvenir lol. I am kinda fond of toy koalas but…. 😉

  3. I’m sure I took on a green tinge as I read this post. The G.O. and I both love second hand, op shops, etc – wonderful to have common interests but not great for clutter. We do the same rather than usual souveniers (with a few tacky exceptions – Broome thermometer fridge magnet, plaster croc head paper weight…ooh… Better our “stuff” that has a history: the Kelly axe from Wingen; the old bottle from that shop in Dorrigo… I hope you were able to go back.

    • I love those things that feel like they have lived their life in the place you bought them, like old bottles (I have already bought one from Wentworth). You are right though, they are terrible for clutter. I definitely need a bigger house!

      Tacky souvenirs are great sometimes though, number 1 and I always get tea towels with the place name on them, the picture has to be appropriate though, sometimes the selections are very funny!

    • Sentimental reasons, but yes, we do still have a record player. It even got a new needle in reccent years after a visiting child fiddled with the old one and wrecked it. Apparently the MIL has a new turntable that converts vinyl to digital so I bet the Man and his laptop will be visiting there fairly soon.

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