5 comments on “Not sunny and warm anymore. Bugger.

  1. Awwwww…. I /do/ remember this one. It’s a goodie too. And now for the weather forecast. Warrandyte and surrounding areas are expecting showers and overcast conditions thanks to a high sweeping in from the north. This high is expected to settle in the Yarra Valley area in the next few days. Take an umbrella. 🙂

  2. My reaction was to start humming ‘April Sun in Cuba’… wooohooohoh 😉 Not that it will do us any good. After a brief foray into Summer, it’s decidedly damp Spring for the next week for at least the lower eastern areas I believe. But forecasts are for a hot, dry (other than the odd tropical thunderstorm) Summer/Christmas. Despite it will mean we have to keep an eye on our water tanks levels when we are home for our holidays, it would be a nice change from all the bloody rain of the past 6 years!

    • Hot summers are good in one way and terrible in another. If only we could schedule the rain for convenient times! Filling the tanks and keeping down dust at night, lovely sunny days and good drying the washing afternoons.

      I loved April Sun in Cuba too, Dragon were one of those bands that we all loved, weren’t they?

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