9 comments on “Jack, travelling in style.

    • All I saw that day from her was they same position, either eyes open or eyes closed. She often travels in a cage in the back, sitting with the kids is a treat that she knew not to bring to a premature end with bad behaviour!

  1. Funny, yesterday after browsing your posts, the G.O. who by the way enjoyed them and made his own notes, thank you… asked me who was travelling with you. I said the Man, 2 kids and the dog, and mentioned we hadn’t seen the dog… and here she is. Looks like a lifestyle to which she ha become accustomed. Can say I blame her 🙂

    • Life certainly is good for the furry one. 🙂 Generally the kids are holding her lead or carrying her so photos of her have them in it too and I try not to post photos of them if I can avoid it.
      We went to the conjunction of the Murray and Darling rivers the other day (I will do a post later) and there is a high tower you can climb to see the two waters join. Without thinking we all walked up there, Jack following along. We got almost to the top before she looked over the side, realized how high she was and freaked out. Poor bugger, she was happy enough after she got a smooch from all though, makes me think she is taking advantage of us!

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