15 comments on “(Almost) Stuck in Broken Hill.

  1. Wow… that sounds rather scary. I’m glad you got it fixed and I hope nothing else mechanical happens on your way back! If it does just let us know and we’ll send you a care package. 🙂 Maybe even one of those servo doohickeys.

    • Thanks! I hope the care package is heavy on chocolate and salt and vinegar chips though. 😉

      Even though we have been broken down in strange places it is not really scary. We just get on with fixing it as best we can and something else usually turns up unexpectedly. We always help people who are broken down and it is like karma, people end up helping us too! The worst was when we were far from Alice springs and out in the desert with a broken radiator. A diesel mechanic came by about 15 mins later and he and the Man had it fixed in no time!

      • Gah…. breaking down in the desert is no joke. You were unbelievably lucky. Maybe you’re right about that karma!

        • I really believe it works! At christmas time we were driving up Mt Evelyn and some poor bloke was pushing his motorbike up there in mid 30’s heat. He looked like he was about to have a heart attack. We got to the top and the Man pulled the car over and walked back and helped him push it to the servo at the top. We have pushed many a broken bike of our own so we knew how he felt! When the Man offered to help I think the bloke just about cried. He had both a flat tyre and no petrol. The Man just about had a heart attack as well but I expect that gesture certainly topped up the karma for a while!

          • lmao – I’ll bet the bike was a 1000 cc monster, not a nice light trail bike. 🙂 Your Man is a good person. You both are and you deserve all the karma cookies you get.

          • Awww, thanks 🙂

            You got it, if it was a light trail bike I think we would have left him to it! I think the Man was regretting his kind offer after the first few metres, but he struggled on anyway 🙂

          • I was thinking about these comments today after we jump started a lady who had left her headlights on and flattened her battery in Bridgewater (while we were having an after lunch morsel at the bakery, yum). As the Man packed the leads back in the car I said “You just topped up the car fixer karma for the day”!

  2. WOW. It’s always some kind of adventure isn’t it? Glad you finally found the guy who knew the guy who (hopefully) knew why that switch was blowing out every few months. Safe travels!

    • There is adventure in everything, isn’t there! We heard about a poor couple today whose caravan is being taken home by the RACV at the moment after the motor in their almost brand new car imploded, leaving them stranded. Makes me feel better about paying that yearly bill now…

      • IMPLODED? Hey! This brings up a question— are Australians required to have car insurance? If so, what kind?

        Because we are required to have it, but Americans are allowed by law to get the minimum kind that only covers you when you hit another person in your car. (It doesn’t cover you getting hit, though.)

        • Well, the story was third hand so imploded might be an exaggeration, but I bet the wallet of the owners felt imploded!

          We are expected to have insurance but it is not compulsory. Our cars have to be registered though, depending on the type of car and where you live this can cost quite a bit (mine is getting up around $500 per year). If you are injured in an accident your medical care is covered but repairs to your car are not. All the more reason to have your own car insured!

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