16 comments on “A big seat, an old chimney, and a sad memory.

    • Aaaah, see, now that is the kind of thing that works perfectly outside. Something like those brightly coloured sculptures would have been far more entertaining. Thanks for that!

  1. Love the big park bench. Should that become one of ur “big things”? And I just learnt something new. BHP.. Always wondered where they came from? That’s it for today, as in my learning something new each day. And it’s only 7 am. 🙂

    • I’m glad I could help you to fulfill your learning obligation of the day. You may now watch mindless telly or read trashy magazines for the rest of the day 🙂

      Perhaps the chair should become a ‘big thing’. I never saw it advertised anywhere so it really was completely unexpected!

  2. Living in Warrandyte, I always imagined that I’d stumble across old mine shafts. Or maybe a forgotten nugget of gold. 🙂 I haven’t though. Maybe I should google to see if there is any of that old gold rush stuff left.

    I’m loving this vicarious travelling you’re taking us on. 🙂

    • Oooh yes, there is plenty of gold-ish stuff left in Warrandyte. My father in law goes panning there all the time, and always comes back with a tiny amount of treasure.

      I am glad you are enjoying following along 🙂

        • If only we could spend most of our time on the road I would be in heaven! Purely for blog purposes, you understand… 😉 I will try to do more travel posts though.

          • -giggles- I’m a bit too much of a couch-potato/homebody to want to travel as a way of life but… I do envy you just at the moment!

          • I am a real homebody too, don’t like socializing, but when we have the caravan it is like taking home along with you. Sitting outside the van on the banks of the Darling at the moment in a pair of shorts, listening to the birds and watching the sun set.
            That certainly wouldn’t be happening at home, more like frostbite and the couch there I think!

          • Wrong! -giggles- It’s been warm today! I mean real, ‘gee it’s almost getting hot’ kind of warm. I didn’t spend the day in shorts but I did wear a t-shirt. 🙂

            You’ll get the last laugh though as more rain is forecast for the weekend. Enjoy, dammit!

  3. LOVED this story. From beginning to end, this piece gave me both the warm fuzzies and a feeling of melancholy— the mullockers part was an excellent note on which to end this piece. Gosh, I am learning so much, Metan!

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