23 comments on “Damn flies!

  1. One of my family’s funny travel story revolves around mosquitos — gigantic mosquitos. We were in Lapland (yes my family traveled far from NYC) and it was July, just shy of the midnight sun. The mosquitos seemed to grow with the sunlight and my sister and I were little girls AKA Tasty Treats!

    Finnish not being particularly easy to pick up (LOL) my dad drew a cartoon of a spray can and live mosquitos and then dead ones in order to by some bug spray. This was a long time ago and it’s probably a banned substance now, but then it seemed like the right thing to do.

    Needless to say, we had a picnic inside the car instead of outside in the beauty of the summer.

    Those flies will, no doubt, become a family story one day!

    • I love that story 🙂 Small tender children are very tempting for mozzies! Picnics from the safety of the car are definitely a better option than being the picnic yourself!

      • The state of Maine in the US is often said to have three seasons and not four: winter, mud & black flies. If Maine didn’t have lobsters, blueberries and beautiful nature no one would go there. (LOL) It’s a big tourist destination, black flies and all. (The are scary and bite!)

        • Down in Victoria we have a fly called the March Fly, no, they aren’t restriced to the month of March, if only! They come out as soon as the weather warms up, are very large, and bite hard enough to make you jump out of your chair. They are slow and stupid but no matter how many you thump 2 more take its place.

          Funny how tiny things like flies are the things that stick in your mind the most, isn’t it? If you ask number 2 son about Ayres Rock the first thing he will say is “I didn’t like the ants.” As we were admiring the rock one crawled up his trousers and bit him on the leg, to him the rock is less memorable than the unexpected pain!

          • We are each the center of our own universe — your son included.

            As for the month of March, I’m a bit confused. Isn’t your spring my fall and visa versa?

          • Yep, our March is the start of Autumn, the weather starts cooling down then. If only the March flies were restricted to March it would be getting too cool for them to do any harm!

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