29 comments on “Mineral museum, Broken Hill.

  1. I was exactly the same… does that scare you ? 😀
    Get him a boxed set of minerals on ebay. They’re quite cheap. There’s also a book called Gems which is amazing- I spent years with it on my bedside table.

    • No, it doesn’t scare me 🙂 he is the kind of person who will be whatever he wants to be! I can imagine that he will grow to be someone famous for something, the way he is going right at this moment, shooting his older brother with a Starwars nerf gun instead of going to bed, perhaps he will be a supervillain?

      I’m staying away from ebay, trust me, the kid doesn’t need any more shiny rocks! He has a magnetic personality and things he likes just flow towards him. Doesn’t have $2 to buy that thing at the shops? Never fear, a $2 coin will be found by him before we make it back to the car. People find out that he likes rocks and next time we see them they hand over another to add to his collection. He even found a fossil in the school carpark one morning….

  2. Sony rocks are cool. I’m not AS excited as your son, but they are cool nether the less. The opal museum in Cooper Pedy is awesome. I’ve always wanted to goto broken hill, now I have to. 🙂

    • I don’t think it is possible for any human to be as excited about rocks as number 2. They are very cool though, he has infected me now and I noticed today that I have one of his other rocks in my handbag. It is a chunk of coprolite* which a few millions of years ago was definitely something not belonging in polite company….

      *yeah, coprolite is… ummm…. I almost hesitate to admit it… even though I bought it for him….. ummm…. dinosaur poo… fortunately fossils don’t smell…

  3. Tell both number one and number two that I miss them! And maybe you and the man of the house too. I’m glad you’re documenting this! (Also, if you want to follow what me and the Rocket are doing these school holidays, I started yet another blog at melbournewiththerocket.wordpress.com. Which means I might ask you for wordpress advice!)

    • Oooh! Oooh! Do I get to be your first follower!? Hang on, I will go and click it now…. Ok I clicked the thingo at the top but don’t know if it will send me the emails properly. Will let you know.

      That pic of the Rocket with the popcorn at the movies is adorable!

      I will tell the squids that you miss them, and the Man too (I will make that bit up just to keep him happy…)

      P.S. Link your blog to your gravatar profile, people can find you from comments and Likes more easily that way. I suspect that people who don’t do it are just teasing me and don’t really exist…. 😉

  4. Oh Metan take your little geologist to Cooper Pedy! He will absolutely LOVE the thunder eggs.

    We had family friends who were mad fossikers and spent a lot of time on the opal fields. Every year they’d bring me back some gorgeous rocks they’d found and polished up themselves. I kept that collection of rocks until I was in my teens… or maybe even later. 😀

    • We took the kids to Coober Pedy a few years ago and yes, he loved it (so did we). We even lashed out for an underground hotel room one night, just for the kids pleasure.

      Number 2 spent his souvenir money on an opal while we were there. I think the shop owner was thrilled to have such a small serious person going through his cabinets. One of the information centre guys gave him a opalized Pipi shell too, the universe always bends to make that kid happy 🙂

        • He is a cutie, and so cute that he gets away with murder too. I am the only one immune to his charms. All I have to do is look at him and say “are you being intentionally cute?” and he will turn off the charm and go back to normal 🙂

          • I could really see that. He certainly has a way about him 🙂 He is the freebie kid, always getting a little extra when he buys something, he even sold a rock to the local jeweller for 20c when he was a 4yo!

    • 🙂 we actually did buy a geologists hammer to bring with us this trip! He also loves antiques, or as he calls it ‘old stuff’, so who knows what he will end up as!

  5. One day he may find you a gold mine because he knows what he’s looking for. It’s great to see a boy so fired with enthusiasm for something that doesn’t need an electric cable or batteries.

    • After spending today following him from cabinet to cabinet all filled with silver jewellery (Broken Hill is filled with it) I suggested to him that he could be a jeweller when he grows up. He was stunned to realize that he could be paid to be surrounded by his favourite things for the rest of his life. 🙂

  6. Love it. When I was a kid I was always sifting through & picking up rocks, etc but in my day-family-town you got a proper job of some sort as a hairdresser-secretary-waitress. I’m still picking up rocks and acquiring crystals… and all sorts of old stuff, in the company of an equally collecting G.O…. If not for #2 son a career, then a wonderful sideline 🙂 We saw a private crystal/mineral collection at Katherine that was wonderful. I must add the mineral museum at Broken Hill to that to do list.

    • We are doing our best to direct him, and number 1 son too, into some sort of interesting career path, if they want a normal one that is fine, but I would be thrilled if they both did something out of the ordinary.

      I keep telling them they should start a band, number 1 has a drum kit and guitar and number 2 is an obsessed keyboarder. I may be the only mum in town who is trying to convince them to find a friend who can sing or play bass instead of telling them to turn it down!

    • I’m glad you liked them, I was under a fair bit of pressure to get good shots for him! I was thrilled that a single one came out well, dim light and through glass, I love my camera 😀

      He has been interested in rocks since he was old enough to pick them up, he was talking to an old miner today and that bloke told him that he should be a geologist when he grows up too 🙂 a happy kid.

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