10 comments on “The Living Desert, Broken Hill.

  1. Just looked up the sculptures… I see what you mean. I think that for it to have been more visually effective there should have been more contrast between the landscape and the sculptures and the pieces should’ve been done on a much larger scale.

    • The pieces are quite big, but as you said the contrast was just all wrong. If they were in a city park or street art they would probably be amazing, huge pieces of nature in an unexpected place. As it is they are in a place that really needs no adornment to be beautiful, well, if you open your eyes and not just barge right through like most of the crowd that is!

  2. I wonder if the artists were working on site with the natural stone? I’ve seen some truly beautiful things where the artist has enhanced the natural features of the rock to bring out something amazing and unexpected but these mostly seem either ‘imposed’ or way too subtle. And yeah I agree with you, the contrast is lacking. The place though… wow. 🙂

    • I asked the kids what they thought of it the next morning and number 1 son said “so were they really old, or did some modern artist do them?” I repiled “modern” and the thumb went down. They both agreed that if they were really old they would have been impressed but as far as recent art goes they were not bothered with them. Obviously brainy number 1 was not even stirred to read the explanatory plaques…

      The artists did work on site with the stone, and yes, the imposed image ones were the least popular with me. One of them was a tribute to the late Fred Hollows with the cryptic explanation that only the artist and Fred himself would understand what it was about. No explanation as to what relationship, if any, the artist and Mr. Hollows had…

      I think that if I was out there with a hammer and chisel I would have carved out some kind of couch facing the horizon, it probably would have been the most popular one there!

    • That is why we never plan a holiday, we never even bother with an ultimate destination as that just puts pressure on us to stick to a schedule. At the moment we are still stuck in Broken Hill, we can’t decide on another destination so we are just pretending to be locals and hanging around!

      We always think that if you just zoom through a town, barely stopping for a coffee, you can’t really say you have been there. Once you know where the milk is in the supermarket you can really say that you have stayed there!

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