16 comments on “Emus and goats do not run fast enough. Red Cliffs to Broken Hill.

    • I am glad you are enjoying my holiday rantings 🙂 I won’t be taking home any goat products as souvenirs, although after our near miss we did discuss a Greek feast for dinner, nobody in the car wanted to chase down one of the goats though so we just kept driving…..

    • It was a good day even though it was spent in the car, seeing the terrain change so dramatically in one trip is an endless source of amusement to me.
      We were just glad we weren’t the entertainment for others, we have a fairly new annexe and each time we put it up we have to check to make sure we are doing it the right way. Luckily we did it in good time without any glaring errors for the audience to get a giggle out of, phew!

  1. Glad to hear you’re all sitting pretty in the silver city 🙂 I think my favourite pic so far is the one of your son having fun on that strange sand dune! I wonder what keeps those sand dunes from just disappearing? Maybe the wind currents just keep them in place – like that spot in the Pacific ocean where all the garbage ends up. Not implying the sand is like garbage just… meh, you know what I mean!

    • They were pretty happy kids (and dog) running around in the sand 🙂 The wind was blowing our footprints away while we were standing there, straight towards the farmland, and I did wonder how they were still pretty much gathered in one spot after tens of thousands of years instead of being thinly spread over the entire country…. I imagined a sand volcano under our feet slowly replenishing the lost grains, too bad if it erupts one day! 😉

  2. Boaters do the same! Although sometimes the scenes aren’t too pretty. Husbands yelling at wives, ropes going astray, buoys and fenders going every which way… Makes for nice entertainment, until it’s your turn 😉 hate arriving late and everyone watching…

    • That sounds just like caravanning, with the added drama of the water sending you in the completely wrong direction at the worst possible moment!
      When we arrived here an elderly gent wandered past as I was getting out of the car to direct and said “That’s it love, you tell him where to go. You realize that when he balls it up now it’s you fault though?”, gave me a wink and went on his way. Just about sums it up in one go, doesn’t it! 🙂

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