8 comments on “Los Angeles Times explosion. 1910.

  1. It’s strange the way one paper says fully 50 dead and the other has 19. Facts don’t seem to have been important back then. Trial be press was common so innocence or guilt was often established before the trial. Since one of the brothers died in Jail I really hope they were guilty and didn’t get convicted because it was convenient. I wonder what became of John in 1926 when he was due to get out.

    • I expect that the first article was written while the building was still smouldering and that all of the people who were meant to be in the building were still unaccounted for.
      Wikipedia tells me that John died in Montana the same year as James died in prison.

      It seems that the tricky way they were bought to trial was a little unfair but it would appear that they really were guilty. Unfortunate for them that the bomb went off to early and killed the workers. I doubt they would have taken any pleasure in that.

    • The nighttime photo on Beguiling Hollywood where you can see the flames glowing through the roof really makes it seem real, to think that there were workers in there at the time is just dreadful.

    • I am pleased that it has stirred your interest too 🙂 I love the internet, it has been more amusing that I ever though it could be. Who would have thought that what a blogger in LA posts could interest me here in Australia enough to post about too, which then interests another blogger in New York!
      Be careful in those archives, you know how addictive they can be…. 😉

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