16 comments on “Brave RAF pilots, as told by Horrible Histories.

  1. As an ex ‘Brylcream Boy’ myself I really appreciated this. Both the fun of the song and the serious aspect. A delight to hear Winston’s words at the end. Thanks to all the pilots of all Nationalities who fought on the side of right in WWII.

    • I’m glad you liked it 🙂 It is both funny and respectful at the same time and the words at the end really remind you that it was a serious time.
      I have never heard the term ‘Brylcream Boy’ before, it does fit perfectly though! I can’t see you doing all the boy band dance moves though, perhaps on the dance floor at the wedding? 😉

    • I’m glad you liked it. Whenever I watch their silliness I just imagine how many takes it took before they all stopped laughing and just got on with it 😀 The Horrible Histories song writers certainly have some imagination!
      The very end has them walking away to Churchill’s words; ‘Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed, by so many, to so few.’

    • Getting to watch Horrible Histories with the kids is one of the pleasures of my evening. It is always funny and educational. Two things that aren’t put together often enough! (They also have books.)

      I do get a ridiculous amount of pleasure out of their take on history, we were watching it tonight and the Dick Turpin song was on, another of my favourites, done in the style of ‘Stand and Deliver’ by Adam Ant. Even the Man was laughing at it 😀

          • What’s interesting is that they stick to the facts, rather than going with myth or legend. And they pack a lot of information into 2-plus minutes.

            Even though some of these won’t mean much to my kids, seeing how they won’t have the slightest idea who Dick Turpin was, for example, they may simply enjoy the idea of a “historical” music video.

          • Another thing they do which I find very helpful is that the same actor always plays the historical person and in the same costume. Charles II is always the same, Queen Victoria, always the same etc etc. This makes it much easier for the kids (and me!) to keep track of who each skit is about without having to think too hard about where they fit into history.

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