26 comments on “That sinking feeling. 1931.

  1. wow, that is quite an amazing story! esp coming with not much of an explanation as to why this actually happened? It’s not like Sydney’s golf courses are known for their quicksand bunkers, right?

  2. I often reflect on the gentle headlines that accompany these old stories that you post… in the tabloids of today, I can’t help feeling that ‘Strange Mishap’ wouldn’t get a look in. Perhaps ‘Man Eaten by Golf Bunker’…?

  3. -giggles- I was just reading the other comments and I thought what a great way to sell golf to the general public… and teenagers. Instead of a staid 18 holes you could advertise it as Extreme Golf with surprise holes that change weekly. I’m sure it would liven the game up no end.

    • I had never thought of Extreme Golf until Sciencelens bought it up. Golf is often described as ‘a nice walk spoiled by a little white ball’ isn’t it, I think our new sport would really keep those lazy golfers on their toes and yes, I think the young might be more up for a round if there was the chance of death at every turn.

        • I bet there are plenty of beautiful walks in Warrandyte, no point spoiling them with golf 🙂 What a gorgeous day it is today! I am being lazy and enjoying it from the couch with all the doors and windows open 🙂

          • Yeah there are some lovely walks around, especially down by the river.

            No relaxing for me, I was out with the pick digging up cape weed before it flowers. God I hate that stuff. Came in sweating and actually hot!

          • Ungh… thanks for reminding me! Now that I’ve got some solar panels I try to do my washing when it’s sunny but I keep getting distracted with other things. Washing machine here I come. 😦

          • Yeah, sorry about that 😦 Far be it for me to remind you about neglected chores. I am sitting here in my dusty work clothes computing instead of running through the shower and starting dinner as per my schedule. We each need a maid I think!

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