18 comments on “An unpleasant landing. 1929.

  1. He did have a lucky escape. Doing family history research on my mother’s side, I found details of a rellie who died after falling into an open sewer drain late one evening, he may or may not have been on his way home a bit worse for wear…

    • That is not a very nice way to go, is it? I expect that the walk home after a night on the demon drink has been responsible for many an undignified end. 😉

    • Any of us who have been on a bike know that a soft landing is very hard to find, right? I am not sure how appreciative he would have been of it until he had been thoroughly scrubbed though!

      So glad you liked it! 😀

      • Mmm…. yes. I was just thinking that if that had happened nowadays and he landed head first his helmet would have filled up with you know what and then he could have drowned in the stuff – i.e. time taken to go ‘wtf?’, rip off gloves, fumble with helmet strap…. Not nice. I guess there were some advantages to only wearing goggles and a leather cap back then. 😀

        As for the cleanup…. I don’t think I would have been able to touch food for a week, no matter how much I scrubbed…

    • Ok, now it has gone all Looney Tunes 🙂 The “aaaarrrgghh” as he falls down the hole, then a BOOOOM and him flying back up into the air, landing in a nearby garden in a shower of poo. 😀
      I love it!

  2. I have really good balance— except for on two-wheeled things, like bicycles. I always fly off of them without meaning to do so. And now (now!), I have developed a brand new phobia involving a motorbike and an open sewer. Yuuuuuuuuuck. : D (Actually, it was quite a fun read! Thanks, Metan!)

    • Fortunately open sewers in the middle of the street are not something you encounter too often anymore! On a motorbike cars are the most dangerous thing you will encounter 😦

      if you are naturally inclined to fly off bikes I suggest that you stay away from open sewers under any circumstances 😀

      It is a funny story, I wonder how long it took him to live down this midnight adventure? I expect that his mates didn’t let him forget it in a hurry!

      • *Is now envisioning all the nicknames his mates gave him after this adventure.*

        Let’s put it like this, Metan— once, for a job, I had to ride a bike. I worked in an office… it’s a long story. Anyway, I was an early adopter of wearing helmets because I was always going tail-over-end on my bike, or tipping to one side and falling, or… something. The job didn’t last long. Thank goodness!

    • At least his bike was still rideable. Imagine the indignity of having to push a damaged bike home when you are coated in poo, stinky brown drips marking your tracks…. squelch, squelch, ick!

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