22 comments on “Oysters for dinner. 1925 and 1952.

  1. They had a story like this on the 60s TV Series, McHales Navy. Except the sailors were ‘salting’ the oysters with pearls. One of their get rich quick schemes that went awry.

    • I always watched McHales Navy after school! I noticed that it was on telly here for a time recently, my kids started watching it too. That and Hogans Heroes. I don’t remember that particular episode but it certainly sounds like something they’d get up to 😀

  2. I have heard… In a London Oyster restaurant somewhere they have a big sign up outside advertising that any pearls the customer finds in their oysters they get to keep! To marketing “con” being that the type of oysters that they serve doesn’t produce pearls. Don’t know where I heard that, or if it’s true, but thee story stuck with me for years.

    • Ooohh, that’s just mean. People are suckers though… It is not like they would have to advertise that though, is it. If I happened to find a pearl in my dinner I would be certain to pocket it quietly and not share my good fortune with those restaurant owners I was paying already! 🙂

  3. Isn’t it amazing that one of the prettiest ‘things’ can be found in the middle of one of the grossest foods ever. Pearls are eternally beautiful, while oysters are like big gorbies, ~ shudders just thinking about them, euck ~

    • Out in the bush we often camp near old town sites that are now nothing more than a memory. It is not unusual to find huge oyster shells in what remains of the mullock (waste) heaps. I doubt we would be too thrilled with the rest of the diet of people in these long gone places, but they certainly got more impressive oysters than we do now!

      • As of right now, the idea of eating an oyster from a bed in New York’s harbor is suicidal, but…. maybe we’ll succeed in cleaning up the Hudson one day? They were cheap and plentiful and LOCAL. Not now…

        • Funny how things change. What once fed all people because of its availability is now a luxury.
          I wonder what we will be teling our grandchildren we used to eat?

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