16 comments on “Nandi bear, again. Even scarier this time. 1925.

  1. Loved this. Okay, dumb question: Are drop bears real? (The link to the museum isn’t working right now— museum site is under maintenance.)

    And I loved your idea of the bear-sized hut decorated with scalps. I don’t know why. It’s got that old fashioned homey touch, I guess. ; )

    • I love that ‘eating human brains’ touch. Surely there can’t be enough humans to maintain such a creature! They must have a really long hibernation cycle (tucked up in their bed of human scalps) 😉

    • I think that you would probably be best kitted out with an extra reinforced umbrella with a specially sharpened spike. That, and a very tight hat! 🙂

    • Who would have thought the Bundy Bear would ever be useful. I have never seen this ad on telly before so it really was a lucky find. It illustrated both ideas perfectly, didn’t it! 😀

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