27 comments on “The Nandi bear. 1933.

  1. They must have some strong and large trees for something the size of a polar bear to go frolicking around in 😉

  2. I shall be waiting with bated breath to see if he returns to a heroes welcome a month later in 1933, returns with a story of how it got away. how they killed it and tigers ate it or if he slips quietly back and is not heard of again. Of course the Nandi bear may just have dropped on his head and eaten him?
    Maybe he kept the cameras rolling and it’s al recorded somewhere.

    • Somehow I think that this will be the last we hear of this little expedition, although I will have a search for the article about his triumphant return! *fanfare*

      Remember, all who entered the jungle he was searching were doomed (dooooomed, I say!). I don’t hold out much hope for him 🙂

  3. Haha, as I started to read the news clipping I thought “it’s related to our drop bear!…” 🙂 Love the link from the Australian Museum, it’s great, and the comments are priceless.

    • I’m so glad you looked at the link, what a treasure it is! I just laughed and laughed, I wonder how many gullible people have read that, and the comments, and believed? I thought the distribution map was a nice touch too.

      I have always thought the Drop bear was funny but now I know it has a proper name (plummetus, ha!) I think it should be more heavily marketed in the tourist brochures. 😉

    • So happy you looked at the link, I was thrilled when I found it. If English was your second language and you were doing a bit of pre-trip research you might miss the tongue in cheek tone of the comments and rush to cash in your ticket!

      I’m still chuckling over the ‘Thylarctos plummetus’ 😀

  4. Lol at the flat crocodiles.. ROFL. And drop bears, priceless, it’s good to get the kids with when they’re still little enough to be scared…

    • I wonder who would win out of a fight between a polar bear and a crocodile? My money is on the polar bear, as long as it started on a good, low, branch first 😉

      The flat crocodiles were a very funny thought. If we try things like Drop bears on our kids they just give you an annoyed look and a sarcastic “reeeally”. I’m sure they would love to see one in action though… chomp chomp chomp…..

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