43 comments on “Scientists and Black magic. 1932.

  1. I love how the story ends up with the crowd greeting “the results with derision.” What does that mean, do you think? Were they jeered? Run out of the copse? Was the gal a local gal? So many questions! You have an especial knack for the weird, Metan!

  2. I’m thinking the maiden pure of heart and mind was probably the goat and how can you be sure what she was thinking? No wonder it all went Kaput. Why, I bet the cauldron wasn’t even at the right temperature.

    • There is no mention of wart-nosed hags either, how on earth did they think the spell would work without them!
      I hadn’t thought of a goaty maiden who was pure of heart, maybe they just had a barbeque once the spell failed? Poor old maiden never had a chance…..

  3. Good one, Metan – very amusing story! Although I’m not sure I’m quite comfortable with the scientists’ experimental procedure – the mere fact that they weren’t able to conjure up a fetching youth doesn’t prove anything except that they weren’t all that great at the black magic thang.

  4. Nothing changes, there’s always someone trying to debunk something in their own interests, usually 5 minutes of fame, or money… then the crowd went back to their usual superstitious lives 🙂

    • I would love to know what the crowd were shouting to them too. I wonder if the goat was carried triumphantly down the mountain, or sacrificed anyway?

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