34 comments on “Creepiest television advert ever. Ever…..

    • I wonder who it was that expected this visual nightmare to make people actually want to consume this product!
      I don’t blame you for not wanting to see it again, I almost put the link in this post without the full video just to keep the horror of that still off your screens….

  1. I know you warned us. I know I shouldn’t have pressed that button………..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. why didn’t I listen? I think I want to throw up.

    • Sorry, I tried…. Just chalk it up to experience and know that when someone says they have seen something horrible there is a fair chance you have seen something worse.

        • It is completely awful. I don’t think I will be able to look at icecream the same way for a while either.

          I just couldn’t look away! It is like a dreadful car crash, you want to stop looking, but you keep hoping something will happen to make it all better.

          • Yeah… except it never does. 😦 You know what is creepier still? The minds behind this commercial. I just can’t imagine WHAT they thought they were going to accomplish?

          • I just added a clip of those Cadbury adverts that ran a while ago to my comment reply to Bluey down below. It is a very similar idea done in a VERY different way. Maybe the ad agency should have actually paid attention to this one and why it worked!

    • Apparently so. Not sure how much icecream will be bought on the strength of it though. It can’t even be described as ‘so bad it’s good’. It is just plain bad.

    • I can’t even imagine the mindset of the person who thought this would work.
      “I’ve got a great idea, how about we use a person covered entirely in icecream, and give them a spoon! No, we don’t need to animate it, there’s nothing wrong with a real person eating their own brains with a spoon while staring mindlessly at the camera.”

      I am not sure if you got that “wouldn’t it be nice” series of Cadbury adverts that were populated entirely by chocolate people who ate everything around them. It was very funny and even though it was the same kind of idea it is handled in a very different way.

        • Glad you liked it, I wasn’t sure if it was just an Australian thing or if the rest of the world had already seen them, as they were on years ago. There was a whole series of them and they were really funny.

          If I remember correctly one of them had a family at the movies. The woman sitting in front had a huge hairdo, so one of the family members took a big bite out of it so he could see the screen and they all laughed happily. No freakily staring eyes, no brain eating, all was well. Another version had a postman who takes a bite out of the chocolate dog in the street, again all are happy.

          How on earth that ice cream monstrosity made it through to production is beyond me. I can just imagine one of the team saying “I think this is a bad idea…” and being shouted down by the rest of them who think they are really onto something. If only they had listened!

    • You’re right! You could stick a photo of this ‘person’ to the front of the fridge, I bet that would keep people from opening the door… ick… It would probably keep me out of the kitchen altogether!

    • I loved those Cadbury adverts too, and that one where he is wiggling his bum at the shark cracks me up every time 😀
      Amazing how a similar premise, a character being made of the product and eating it, can be handled in two very different ways. One we remember fondly years after the event, and one that has scarred us for life….

      How stupid are the new Cadbury ‘Marvellous Creations’ ads though? Bring back the chocolate people I say!!!!

      • Ugh yes. I assume they’re trying to emulate Willie Wonka or something but the chocolate people ones were a million times more creative and more… us? The cheekiness, the humour.

        Like the ‘Bugger’ commercials the chocie people just said aussie to me.

        • Yep. I totally agree.

          How much do you hate the variety of ads where an Australian voice has been dubbed over the American original. Do they think we are idiots and don’t notice!! Aaaarrrggghh!!!

          • Oh god yes. 😦 The one that always springs to mind is that one for dandruff although is that even american? Whatever it is I hate it.

          • And the air freshener one too. Grrr…. I don’t know why they don’t either make their own ads or leave the foreign voice. Dubbing an ad to cut costs makes them look like they have no faith in the product at all.

          • lol – I’ve never bought any of those products but I know the ones that do work rarely advertise because they don’t need to. 😀

  2. ewwwwwww…..the first time he says ‘I eat Little Baby’s…’ i actually wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d stopped right there. *shudder* ugh! what an ad! (n here i thought the point was to actually sell things)

    • You are so right! Bleh….

      What kind of mind thinks of this stuff! Branding an ice cream ‘Little Baby’s’ is a bit unusual too but they could have done a waaaay better job of making us want it, couldn’t they. They could have had happy babies crawling around in a world of ice cream, that would have been much nicer, and not given us nightmares.

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