25 comments on “Pig patties.

    • Actually the apple feeding was reccomended to me by a person who had also offered to ‘take care of’ the porker while licking his lips. Not the kind of care the owners really hoped for though!

    • 😀 The very first thing I did when it happened was crack up laughing. The pig was clearly ok and all I could see in my minds eye was a Porky Pig shaped hole in the roof where he had smashed through, cartoon style, in shock, before thumping back to the ground. Unfortunately he had just used the door, I was so disappointed!

    • 🙂 Their stickynose ways drive me crazy! I can’t believe they thought we were encouraging our kids to make friends with the pig bought in purely for the purposes of butchering. They are people that never mow just in case they run over a lizard though. Bloody hell. I told them that I had never met a lizard stupid enough not to get out of the way of noisy whirling blades, and that if it didn’t it was probably doing the gene pool a favour.

      I have vowed that the day after the pork chop leaves for greener pastures I will be serving bacon for dinner and cooking with all the windows open.

      • Hahaha!! You’re evil! (OK, actually you’re just very funny.) That bacon flavour will surely hit the spot!
        (I trust these neighbours don’t do WordPress…?)

        • I hope they do!! 😉 If you are reading this people MOW YOUR GRASS!!!! It’s so thick up the back there if I jumped over the fence I wouldn’t even hit the ground… the lizards can’t even walk around!

    • I am not even annoyed about the damage, it gave them such a shock to think that their tree might have turned the porker into a hamburger that the shed is an acceptable loss.
      Hopefully the insurance company will supply us with a new shed and a fixed fence so our future chooks will have a more modern home. When I went past the butcher today I nearly asked them for one of those “Get some pork on your fork” posters to put on the shed wall to rub it in just that little bit more.

      • lmao – you are a feisty little thing aren’t you :p Maybe you could get a ‘Is Don, is Good’ sticker with pork sausages or a nice bit of kabana.

        • The funny thing is that I don’t think the neighbours realize that the young blokes across the road go deer hunting all the time!

          I never thought of the “Is Don. Is Good” slogan. I really want one of them now too!

          • Yep, heaps. Between them and the kangaroos they wreck the veg garden at work so there is a 5ft electric fence around it! Never seen a baby deer though.

            We see them at night on the bush roads sometimes, scary! All the more reason to drive slowly.

          • Wow. I knew we had deer farms but I didn’t realise they’d gone feral :/ I wonder whose brilliant idea it was to let the deer in. I’m not a purist when it comes to natives but it does seem very strange to me.

          • Probably the same kind of person who thought a few bunnies might be nice to hunt. Grrrr….
            I am dead against any non-native animals in the bush, the amount of damage they can do is horrible. Hooves have no place out there, and our furry little critters have no defence against the foxes and feral cats. Unlikely we will ever get on top of them though, mores the pity. Bunnies, foxes, goats, camels, blackberries, deer, cats, dogs… aaarghh!

          • minah birds, cane toads, rats, carp, ivy and those are just the ones I thought of without thinking… erm, you know what I mean.

            Oh and buffalo! -sigh-

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