11 comments on “Meteorite misses boat. 1908.

    • I wonder if this was a dry run for Tunguska. Aliens doing a bit of weapons testing and taking pot shots at local shipping? 😉 Sitting up there in their control room laughing hysterically and saying “Did you see the looks on their faces?”

  1. I hope the brown powder didn’t have a nasty space-flu effect on the crew.Lots of little germs we haven’t developed an immunity for, or lots of little bug eyed monsters growing from it. Not a great advert for the care of the Mars tourist board, missing a connection like that.

    • Oooh, I like! Some sort of biological weapon sprinkled down on the crew? Or a gift from benevolent aliens, a powder that would bestow unimaginable knowledge to the world. Unfortunately the delivery vehicle exploded, showering the ship in a powder the unsuspecting captain was quick to order be swept away into the sea. There are some really brilliant sea slugs out there somewhere 😉

  2. I’ve just been reading up on the Tunguska event. I’d heard of it but had no idea it had been quite that big. Maybe the comet/asteroid/whatever that eventually exploded over Siberia broke up a bit first and one of those bits almost hit the boat. The only problem with that scenario is that you’d need something huge falling into the ocean to create such big waves. Meh. Who knows but a fascinating story nonetheless.

    • I thought that this could have been caused by an undersea earthquake as they can cause huge waves. I really wished that this article mentioned why they thought it was a huge meteorite. Had someone aboard seen something or were they just assuming that is what had happened? Was there a big noise? Do those kinds of earthquakes make a noise that can be heard from a boat?

      I want it to be a meteorite though. The poor bloke in the crows nest, squinting into the sky and then screaming in terror as a giant rock rips past him and smashes into the water….

      (The actual Tunguska event happened on 30th June 1908 so this event couldn’t be part of that particular blast.)

      • Hmmm… then it couldn’t even have been auto suggestion at work and yet, back in 1908 how many common seamen would have even known what a meteorite even was? Yet the description sort of fits doesn’t it? Also undersea earthquakes only produce tsunamis when the wave hits shallower water. The article doesn’t say where the boat was at the time but I’m assuming if it was closer in to shore then there would have been reports of a tsunami hitting coastal towns somewhere.

        You know the thing about this article is that the descriptions are plausible. Not mermaids or giant squid of leviathans but something outside the experience and imagination of the witnesses.

        Unless, of course the reporter filled in the blanks?

        • I wonder what the brown powder was? I really want it to be some sort of meteorite falling. I wonder if any of the ships lost at sea without a trace in the past were not swamped by freak waves or overrun by pirates as expected but actually hit by meteorites? I expect the chances are incalculably slim but if this one really happened…..

          • Yeah, the chances are like finding a needle in a haystack but not impossible. And yes, the brown powder does seem to argue for a meteorite doesn’t it?

    • As much as I hate the explosion of social media, imagine being able to go back and look at events with historical ramifications from the POV of people who were really there. I can only imagine a tweet for this one..
      OMG rock frm sky OMG OMG waves OMG aaarrrggghhh


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