17 comments on “Not so wonderful for the goat. 1907.

    • Best not to give Oscar any ‘treats’ until you have got rid of that new litter tray he hates so much. He might take his explosive revenge on you, and not the slippers.

    • I never know how true these stories are, and sometimes I am happy to take them on face value without doing extra research when they are just so fantastic. 🙂

        • Me too. Even when the stories are clearly fabricated I just cling to the hope that there is one small kernel of truth at the core of the tale. When I read them I immediately go “Wow!”, then “hey…. hang on…..” (I have said before that I am an optimist with a titanium core of suspicion) 😀

  1. Newspaper articles must’ve been the inspiration for a many TV series. They had something like this on Andy Griffith and F-Troop, with the goat eating dynamite. But the goats ever exploded despite the fears.

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