11 comments on “A lion tamer worried. 1894.

  1. It seems cats have a memory as long as elephants then. I know my wife upset our cat this weekend with a new enclosed litter tray. Rather than use it as it looks like a per carrier and may be reminiscent of vet trips, he went on piddled in her slippers instead. Not the first time he’s used this method of showing his displeasure. Much better than a ‘worrying’ and I bet poor Thieman would have settled for that.

    • Oooh, that Oscar knows how to get his point across. Is it safe to assume that the new litter tray has been retired and that the old one has been reinstated? Or is Lady J just going to do without slippers for the foreseeable future?

    • Not long at all! I love the bit where the article says “the lions, who were very much excited”, I bet they were! Not too often circus lions get dinner ‘on the hoof’ 😉

    • It certainly was understated. I think if I had been reporting on this incident the lions wouldn’t have been ‘worrying’ him, I would have used the far clearer term, ‘mauled’….. 🙂

  2. -giggles- I know I shouldn’t laugh because the poor man died but the tone of the article is so… tongue in cheek? I can’t help wondering if the journalist was secretly on the side of the lions.

    • I wonder how lion tamers were regarded back then. If you admitted to that as a job now I bet you would be immediately harangued by a stickynose stranger claiming to be an animal lover and telling you how evil you were. Did they have a romantic reputation back then or were they just another animal act?
      There did seem to ba a lot of them around though, I have another lion tamer article for later in the week that will probably give you a laugh too 🙂

  3. I remember variety shows on TV with lion tamers or other big cat acts. Funny but I never thought about cracking a whip in the direction of our house cat. She was a gorgeous long-haired stray — all white with green eyes — that we named Smitty (as in Smitty the Kitty). We were kids.

    • I think that the average house cat would not even bother to retaliate if you cracked a whip at them, they would just give you that disdainful look and walk away. No submission whatsoever….

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