26 comments on “Aunty Jack. We’ll never see the likes of her again.

  1. That’s truly shocking for kids TV. The tits. I thought the performance of Auntie was a bit like something out of the Mighty Boosh.

  2. Ah I really miss the irreverent days of aussie TV. The acting was way over the top but it was so genuinely exuberant you just had to love it. -giggles- Not quite playschool that’s for sure!

    • Nowadays all the Aussie networks just want something produced that could have come from another country, all they are looking for is the chance to market it overseas, not let that ridiculous sense of humour freeeeeee… 😉

      • I know 😦 We have such a unique, wacky sense of humour, it saddens me that we don’t celebrate it more. If there were one word I would use to describe what it means to be an aussie I’d say ‘irreverent’. And for me that is a GOOD THING!

          • AAI – lol I love it. Must be something in the air or the water or something because I feel it and I wasn’t even born here. Maybe we could add a ball and chain to that coat of arms? I’m actually really proud of those anti-authoritarian, irreverent convicts of ours. 😀

          • I think it is in the air, that attitude just rubs off unless you actively fight against it. I imagine that those early days were pretty wild! I would love a set of shackles on the coat of arms, our ratbag history is something to be proud of. Maybe we need an alternative coat of arms for those of us who embrace that side of it 🙂

          • Ok who do we know who can draw? I want one of those thingies on my blog! Maybe we could start an aussie trend. The Shackles could become the symbol of Australia along with the koala and Waltzing Matilda….we could become rich and famous and……………

            Sorry, must have dozed off there for a second. 😀 I really would like a Convict Award though.

          • I don’t really like koalas that much, how about a Thorny devil? Or a platypus, cute, but with a poisonous leg spur. Very Aussie.

  3. Waaaoooooow. And I thought the early years of Sesame Street were quite wild! Oh, Metan, this is *exactly* what I needed. Loved the writing, loved the links, loved the clips— and, as always, I learned something new today. : )

    • I’m so glad you liked it 😀 I wrote this post about a week ago and was almost hesitant to publish it, not sure if everyone else would find her as hilarious as I did or if you would all just edge away quietly… The wikipedia link was funny, if you didn’t read the bit telling you it is was childrens tv program it still sounds like a controversial adults show!

      • I reposted this one on FB, and I think so many people got a kick out of it. There were some similar explorations in American theater for adults, but none with such playfulness and verve!

        • Thank you for sharing it, this certainly was a popular post, I am glad I could spread a bit of Aunty Jack to the uninitiated 😀 It is amazing that it was kids tv, I think that a similar idea would have been successful as an adults show anyway!

          The kids and I were shopping the other day and we went into the ABC shop to have a stickynose. There on the shelf was the Aunty Jack box set and I was veeeery close to buying it! I might have to put in a request to the family for my birthday. 🙂

          • Once again, your recent post of that scary ice cream commercial provided a lot of movement on Facebook. (I love it when that happens!)

            Question: What’s a stickynose?

          • That scary ice cream ad was pretty horrifying, wasn’t it!

            A stickynose is when you go and stick you nose in and have a look at something 🙂 It can be an insult, a person who is an unwelcome presence, sticking their nose in to other peoples business, or in this case we were just nosing around the shops and having a look 😀

  4. Whoa, Aussie TV was really irreverent wasn’t it and certainly ahead of it’s time. Kids must have loved watching it and parents must have wondered what the heck was going on when they heard the laughter it must have produced. The tits joke was great since it’s just what kids understand and love. British TV was never that daring back then except with some of the adult comedy. This was almost Monty Python for kids.

    • Since I started writing this post I have asked a few people what they thought of Aunty Jack or if they watched her. One of the guys I work with is about the same age as me and said “No, I never got into it, my mum and dad watched it though” which just made me realize how AuntyJack’s humour was such a broad ranging thing. Funnily enough my mum doesn’t really remember it, I wonder if she would have stopped us if she had noticed what we were watching at the time?

  5. Hah, as soon as I saw the title of this post, I started humming “… aunty jack we know you’ll be back though you’re 10 feet tall you don’t scare us at all you’re big, bold and tough but you’re not so rough…”
    As a little kid my TV aspirations were to watch Alvin Purple!, Number 96 and Aunty Jack… My love of “trashy” TV started early! Instead I was allowed Disneyland & YTT if the football wasn’t on, Sesame Street & Playschool 🙂

    • Number 96! That was beyond controversial at the time! 🙂 Those shows are a long, long way from YTT, that’s for sure. I’m so glad that you knew the words right off, when I put on the opening clip for the first time all of those dormant memories stirred in me too!

      I put the kids to be last night with “Go to sleep, and if you get up, I’ll rip yer bloody arms off” said in Aunty’s voice, they cracked up.

      I remember that Grahame Bond also did a show called ‘News Free Zone’ which I loved as well. Clearly it wasn’t as edgy as Aunty Jack but I remember that one fondly too.

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