15 comments on “The Leprechaun. 1908.

    • I would love to know what his story was. With a plentiful supply of tobacco he doesn’t seem too sad about being locked up though.

  1. An opportune mention of Smaug there as I’m sure he’s put in an appearance by now in your neighbouring New Zealand. With the news that they’ve sliced The Hobbit up into three pieces, to serve it up as a mock-trilogy, – ker-ching! – it may be years before he’s seen on screen though.

    • Ker-ching is right… I’m glad thay aren’t shoving it all into one movie and cutting it short but 3 movies sounds a bit like money grabbing and yes, it will be so long between movies I may grow old and die before the end 😉
      The Hobbit was my favourite book as a child and I still have my much loved copy with the gold leaf and the picture of Smaug on the cover. I remember telling the Sunday School teacher that it was a much more interesting book than the one she was teaching us about too….I don’t think that I lasted too long there after that, funnily enough.

      I hear the fresh faced Benedict Cumberbatch is doing the voice of Smaug. I wonder if it is going to be a Gollum style performance capture as well? I would love to see the dvd extras then!

      • I had heard Mr. Cumberbatch was in it, but I didn’t know who he was. I’m looking forward (at some point on TV in 2121) seeing former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy.

        • I had to look up which part Sylvester McCoy would be playing and now I have an idea as to why the Hobbit will be a three parter. If he is being bought in to play an originally small part, now expanded, what on earth are the other things they have changed?!

          Nooooo!!!!! They can’t change my book!! You are right though, the release will be soooo far in the future (growing horror just thinking about it). They are probably hoping we will forget about the changes they have made in our excitement to finally see it.

    • The start of the article does go along with the usual description of a leprechaun though, so I expect that they were referring to the type of leprechaun we know from fairy tales.

      In 1908 you would think that they would have been able to clearly identify the difference between a little person and a mythical creature with a pot-o-gold! I think what probably threw them off was that this person had been exlusive for some time and then appeared unable to communicate when finally caught. They were looking for the leprechaun that the children reported, not just an unfortunate person, living rough.
      Humans love looking for the mystery, don’t they?!

    • Whenever I read these misinterpretations of the (likely) truth I always wonder what future generations are going to read in to the news reports and urban myths of today…. 🙂 How silly will we look to them!?

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