32 comments on “Show us your weather! It’s cold… so cold…..

  1. I know that a visiting Brazilian journalist at the Olympics has described UK weather like a Brazilian winter. We call it summer.

    • I noticed that at the start the television reporters were all sunburnt and excited like they were on the best holiday of their lives, now they are doing what are clearly semi-outside broadcasts and freezing to death. 🙂

  2. Ah I love your Jack! She’s no fool. 😀 My Mogi runs out every now and then to chase the alpacas [from a safe distance of course] but most of the time she, and the cats are with me in my tiny office, all of us huddling around one of those electric oil heaters. I put the ducted heating on in the morning but for some reason the warmth just doesn’t seem to find the duct that leads to my office 😦

    The kids are all snoozing near me as I type and Golly is curled up on my lap. I’ve learned to type around him!

    • Jack is so funny, she asks to be let out and the once she has relieved herself she grumps at the backdoor almost immediately to get back in. As soon as you open the door she rushes to the hearth as fast as possible to warm back up. You had better not get in her way or you will regret it 😉

      • I figure I could keep it warn through body heat alone by the end of the day. Getting in and out is a minefield though. If I ever tidy up in here I’ll take a photo of my domain.

      • You didn’t have to change the rules (but I don’t mind at all), it was just such a funny photo I had to take the opportunity to post it! 😀

        • I loved this picture and this post so much, I thought, my gosh— I have to post a link to this.

          (And then I thought, if Metan has more than one wonderful story, then what if some of our other participants have more than one story?)

          Awwwww. Que chula!

    • I’m sure she would love a hug!

      A dog with a teddy bear is a completely adorable thing 🙂 She treats it as though it is her little friend, she whines continually if it is not with her when the lights go out at bedtime. If you pick it up you had better treat it gently as she gets upset if it gets roughed around. If she goes to the vet for any length of time it goes with her to keep her calm. I’m terrified it will get lost one day!

      • She’s got such a sweetheart demeanor! Are you going to write about Jack more? Have you written about her before?

        Here’s what we’d say around these parts: Oh! Que chula! (How cute/adorable!)

        • I did another post about her a while ago, also fire related! She had singed her tail on the front of the fire which prompted me to look for other articles about silly dogs and fires. It is possible that she is one of the silliest dogs ever when it comes to avoiding catching fire herself though!


          She is a very lovely dog though, I liken her to an animated soft toy herself. Maybe that is why she loves the tiger so much, a kindred spirit!

          • She is on the trip with us, she is certasinly loving the warmer northern weather.

            We were wandering through a shop here the other day and came across another tiger teddy, just the same as the one she already has. Now, for a mere $3 we have stashed in the cupboard a backup teddy for her in case the unthinkable occurs and her beloved is mislaid. Phew!

          • I was amazed to find one the same. The real teddy spent years in the boys toybox, unloved, until she came along and needed a friend. To find another was extremely serendipitous!

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  4. This is not entirely weather related admittedly; my Dad owned two Jack Russells…..not at the same time, which is thankful as they had very opposing personalities – one stayed true to type and bit the postman’s ankles (they are not on the lofty heights of a moped in the UK but hazardously on foot…postmen that is…not small dogs) – the other was the same sort of colours as your ‘Jack’ and endured very obligingly the humiliation of being dressed in dolls clothes and pushed around in a pram by my younger self 🙂 P.S it is blinking cold in the SE Bayside suburbs as well today, and I wish I had one of those cosey stoves to sit in front of!! roll on Summer, I literally can not wait this year.

    • No, not too much of a weather post, but the carnival is all about different ways of looking at the weather. If you are Jack it is a terrifying beast, best avoided! 🙂

      Jack Russells are lovely dogs, she is lucky there are no small girls in this house, I am sure she would be treated as a stufffed toy too if there were. Not sure she would object too much as long as the clothes were warm and the cuddles plentiful….

      The wood fire is annoying (and expensive) to maintain, but its mere presence is enough to convince you that you are getting warmer so we love it for that. The Man is not allowed near it, if he does as much as open the door it is almost a guarantee of it going out immediately!

    • I didn’t have any expectations when she was first given the tiger, I though it might last a day or two but she was so small and scared I had to give her something to cuddle up to when we were asleep.

      Our last dog would have shredded tiger in about 10 seconds, so every day tiger is cuddled and not killed is amazing to me! There is another toy just the same, a lion, and that one has not fared so well. He is not dead but she has restricted visitation rights with him as she pulls his fur out on his face. Funny how she has differentiated between the two.

  5. It’s been on the mellow side in S. California – but I fully expect that ‘deceptive’ sun to clock us in September. Not looking forward to it!

    • We had another deceptive sun day today. It tricked me into doing a ton of washing and hanging it on the line only for me to find it was barely dry at all when the rain hit. Tricky bugger 😉

      Now I have a house full of partially wet towels and jeans….. aaarrrgghhh!

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