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  2. I don’t really see the point in joining in with this. It’s Summer in the UK. Obviously I don’t need to explain what Summer entails to anyone, and as it happens you’ve already shown the appropriate picture of today ! I think you’re a jinx.

    • I saw one of our olympians on the news last night having her say and she was wearing a tartan blanket over her shoulders, a few days ago they were on camera marvelling at the heat. The Victorians among them would be feeling quite at home over there I expect! 🙂

      Go on, do a weather post! Run out with a camera when the sun breaks through and stun us with a lovely day! 😉

  3. Your description of Melbourne’s seasons reminds me of many I’ve experienced here in Chicago. No mountains anywhere near us, but many days when I’m aggravated that I carried around an umbrella, sweater, and scarf — and many days that proved my stupidity at having not. We say, “‘don’t like the weather? Just wait a minute’,” too.

    Once, before cell phones, my mother and I were upset by breaking news of a sudden storm and a microburst (a powerful, sudden tornado-like thing) occuring downtown where my sister was that day. When she got home she didn’t know what we were talking about.

    • The only advantage of having so many seasons all at once is that no matter how you are dressed you will be perfectly appropriate for some sections of the day. Completely inappropriate for the rest though, darn….

      I actually searched around for our tiniest umbrella to take before we went on our rare trip to the city. I knew I would probably need it but, like you, I didn’t want to be aggravated by a giant umbrella dragged around all day for nothing 🙂

  4. I love it, Metan! For me, this all started when you offered to share you weather with me for the duration of a Texas summer. That photograph is fantastic, by the way! Do you get great big thunderstorms there? We do, here, in South Texas, but when I lived in Los Angeles, the rain was more monsoon-like. No thunder or lightning, really— it would just come on for a month, and then stop. Every year.

    • I’m glad you like the photo 🙂 It was the perfect chance for a weather photo as all my other photos of the day were blue sky since it was mainly a nice day. This sudden soaking was the perfect illustration of Melbourne weather!

      Sometimes we get big thunderstorms out here in the valley (about 70km from the city) that shake the floor. The mountains bunch up the clouds and it all lets loose, sometimes they last nearly all night and we stand out on the verandah in the dark to watch them. I think that your Texas storms are probably bigger though!

      We don’t get monsoony rain here but being a river valley it doesn’t take long for whatever rain we get to cause the rivers to spill over the banks and make it look like some sort of disaster is on the way. I love to see the paddocks flooding, although the cows and horses never look too pleased 😉

      • You really do have a talent for writing about weather!

        Texas storms are huge and unpredictable. Doesn’t matter if it is flat land, or hill country or whatever— the storms are loud and dark and big and can sometimes arrive within 15 minutes.

        • Thank you 🙂

          I love the way we all rely on the weather being nice, even if we spend most of our time indoors!

          Those storms sound pretty impressive! I love a good storm, the darkened sky and the beating rain, watching them from a safely sheltered place is a lovely thing 🙂

  5. Love the picture. the weather here in Tas is the same… 4 seasons in 10 mins. Yesterday was the day of winter…. Dreary, wet, cold, disgusting. I wake up this morning and there’s beautiful sunshine and blue skies… Go figure. much nicer than the Qld weather. Hot hot and more hot, with we too much sunshine for my liking. Come the wet season, monsoonal rains for 10 mins, floods everything then it’s all drained away in no time… But wicked light shows. We don’t get those here, I miss them.

    • You should post a photo of the most miserable bit of winter you can find!

      The Man keeps suggesting Qld for a holiday and I just say no. No no no. I tell him that the heat will turn me into a serial killer and that being murdered horribly would really ruin his holiday. I HATE humid heat. 😉

      • I’llhave to find a pic somewhere. Qld is not too bad, best time to go is definitely when it’s winter for everyone else. Then the temps are more bearable. Mid to late 20’s. Around the hervey bay bundaberg region is really nice, but anywhere during winter really. And the humidity is one reason we couldn’t stay there, and what hubby still works there.

        • I love going to places like the Flinders Ranges, even on a hot day it is dry and the heat is far more bearable that way. One other thing I love about it is that your washing dries so quickly! If you put the sheets on the line first, by the time you have finished pegging the rest of it out they are ready to be taken in!

  6. Great post, and I love your photo. I know we never could depend on the weather but I think it’s even less dependable. In Sydney it feels like we’re experiencing Melbourne’s “4 seasons in one day” weather far more than we did 🙂

    • Thanks! 🙂
      I have noticed that the Sydney weather report has been far more Melbourne-like recently. The weather people on the telly seem a little taken aback at times!

  7. Wow Metan! That is a stunning photo. I was hoping to take a picture of the mists we’ve been having but I’m a truly terrible photographer. May stick to words instead. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you like it 😀 I can put it down to a great camera and luck.
      Maybe you should take a pic of wet alpacas. Nobody else will be putting that in the blog carnival, that’s for sure! 🙂

      • Meh… they’re wet, DIRTY alpacas at the moment, especially Andy the baby. My neighbour and I think he may be the odd bottle short of a dozen but he is sweet.

        I’m still waiting for that ‘ah hah’ moment but when it arrives I’ll put on my carnivale costume and come out dancing! So to speak… 😉

    • I’m sorry to hear that 😦 When all around you is dried up and dying it makes the heat seem even more terrible, doesn’t it. Hot times with beautiful green grass seems much easier to bear.

  8. Here in New York City on the other side of the planet, it is hazy, hot and humid with a serious chance of thunderstorms later today and in the evening. (Why do I bother to wash my hair?)

    It is exactly the kind of weather in my new ebook — nothing like setting the book in a New York summer. If I were a tourist, I’d arrive in late September when it’s beautiful.

    • I’m completely with you on the hair thing!

      The Man and I had a very swish business dinner to go a few hours after this photo. I made sure my hair was done in the morning but I had also put everything I could possibly need to redo it in the bag just so I could rectify a weather related hair disaster in the hotel room before we went to dinner!

      Just as well I did, after a day of dodging rain and being blown away my head certainly needed attending to!

      September in New York? I can imagine it would be lovely, with autumnal leaves and everyone thankful that the heat is done 🙂

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  11. i would just like to share my weather with you all.here in the Dallas-fort worth area its 2:20pm and its 100 c. by 4 pm it going to top out at 105 c. me im going to stay inside the AC all day and night.the low will be 82 c.around 6:30 am.the worst is yet to come this being August and all .hnd

    • “The worst is yet to come?” ….shudder…. I am shoving some of the abundant cold we are having here in bags and posting it to you immediately!

      I feel your pain, over here our summer/xmas holidays start for the schools at the end of December and go until the first week of February. February is generally the hottest month of the year so the poor kids have to go from a quiet holiday of swimming and relaxing to being marched off to school and coming home in the heat of the day, sweaty and exhausted. Horrible….

      I hate the heat 😦

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  13. Really beautiful photo. I have to say, the weather you’re having is the weather I tend to like. Well, the rainy, cold, dreary, Byronesque moments, at least. I find that Edinburgh Scotland, Seattle Washington, and Erie Pennsylvania tend to have the best weather for me. Sadly, although it’s quite close, Erie shares much of the nasty weather traits with my current place of residence and so it’s only worth a visit every now and then.

    I empathize with the manic-depressive weather. In college we would basically just dress in the lightest layer possible during fall and spring, and carry with us all of the other layers and/or gear we may find ourselves needing by the end of the day. Because the one lesson I learned quickly and well while going to school there was that weathermen are far too highly paid for the hoodoo spirit reading nonsense that they refer to as “meteorology.”

    Favorite three months = September, October and November. Cold. Rainy. Gray. Moody. Lovely.

    The weather here now is unacceptably hot. I do not tolerate heat. I shall blog about it.

    • Thanks 😀 I will go and give your congratulations to my camera, he is the one with the talent in this partnership!

      I love this weather too, the heat is just not my thing 😦 Misty mornings with the rising sun sending rays through the trees… now that is the kind of thing I like to see.

      Weather presenters on the telly should only be advertised as ‘advisers’ or maybe ‘guessers’ not ‘experts’, they clearly have no idea what they are on about and seem to be making wild stabs as to what is going on at best!

      Feeling for you there in the heat, I hope your girls aren’t torturing you too much!

    • Thanks 😀
      I have to say that the camera is the expert in the partnership, I will happily click away all day long, I just love the action of taking photos. When I really try to take something good and it works as I hoped it is very satisfying 🙂

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