15 comments on “A reinforced nest. 1943.

  1. I find it hard to believe, like a lot of stuff in your old newspapers. After all twigs must have been so much more plentiful (and comfortable) that to exclusively use metal!

    • I thought the same thing, but I suppose it depends on the farming land around it and how long the nest had been in existence. If the land was well cleared there wouldn’t be too many trees and there might have been a number of birds competing for material. The nest could well have been started long before when the fences were being put up and lots of cutoff bits were lying around.
      Maybe it started off as bits of wire in a normal nest and eventually ended up with those bits falling away, leaving the wire behind.

      Of course we are relying on the accuracy of reporting here, something that would render my blog pointless had it been put into practice all those years ago! Maybe the original tale was of a nest that had a lot of wire in it and changed into one made completely of wire. I’m not sure how warm and cosy a metal nest would be though!

    • I wish that there had been a picture too! I’m not sure about the eggs, if it was there for a year before they might have, but it could have been there long before and the farmer never noticed it. I’m not sure how well the eggs would have gone lying on a cold, wire bed though!

  2. I love maggies. Now. Before moving to Warrandyte I used to worry about them dive bombing us on walks but the family of magpies who live here are simply wonderful. They ‘know’ that we are part of their family or tribe or whatever and have never given us any grief. In fact they’ve completely wormed their way into my heart.

    I don’t believe in feeding wild birds but… eating a sandwich on my deck is really hard to do when they fly down, walk along the railing and stand there, just a foot away, eyeing my sandwich! They are smart cookies that’s for sure.

    • They are funny like that aren’t they,n knowing when they are on a good thing, my Nan would say “they know which side their bread is buttered on”!

      We used to have a family of them the were amazingly tame, the some new neighbours moved in with a cat. Bloody thing nearly wiped them all out. Now the ones we have are a lot warier.

      • They’re not really scared of cats – or at least not of mine. In fact I rather think my cats are scared of /them/. Nonetheless I try not to encourage my maggies to get too tame… just in case.

        I’ll be honest, I’ve really fallen in love with my maggies, they’re such characters.

    • They are great, and such characters too. I searched and searched for a clip where one was doing its full call but couldn’t find one anywhere. They sound so wonderful in full song don’t they!

    • Their full call is wonderfully melodious and pretty unusual, your cat would definitely not like that! If I find a clip of it in the future I will post it.
      When I was searching for one the dog was distinctly unimpressed with the strange noises coming out of my computer 🙂

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