7 comments on “The couch potato naturalist.

  1. How fortunate you are. I’ve never seen a Bronzewing Pigeon before. So pretty. We have grey “rats of the sky” pigeons in Sydney & big white noisy pigeons at our house in the country which were apparently a handy wild pantry item locally. Their call sounds like an owl, and I’m often found searching in vain to find only an off-course lone white pigeon, strayed from the usually sizeable flock. Haven’t seen any “in the wild” displays but if one pigeon gets the notion of food, the whole crew will arrive in dribs & drabs until there might be 2 dozen or more, so we don’t encourage them 😉

    • We are lucky not to have the ravening hordes of pigeons seen elsewhere. I think that these guys are deceptively smart. They nest down low and spend most of their time on the ground, nevertheless their numbers are rising even though they probably look delicious to dogs, cats and foxes. If they were as silly as they act they would have been long gone!

      I can imagine that they would be a popular item for an easy meal in hard times. They never look thin or starved, always looking plump and delicious. If you were doing it hard it is no wonder that in some areas their numbers went down dangerously.

      I hate it when one creature sounds like another and gets you searching for the much more exciting version only to be disappointed! 🙂

  2. You know Metan I think you should make these ‘couch potato naturalist’ posts a regular feature! I really enjoyed seeing these odd looking birds through your eyes, and the lens of your camera! And I am so very relieved that the quality of your pics is due to technology not good housekeeping :p

    • I’m glad you like them! Actually I have had a good response from these last few photo posts and it has inspired me to do them more often 🙂 I am never far from my camera, often annoying the family with the ‘get out of my shot…. grumble… grumble….’ 😉

      I was pretty happy that the bit of window I was looking through was clear of webs etc, otherwise I might have had to stand up to take the photo, and that would never do!!

    • They are quite pretty, and if those feathers catch the sunlight they are blindingly shiny. At the rate they are breeding they might end up getting annoying though!

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