19 comments on “Coal miners surprising discovery. 1926.

    • 🙂 It is a pity it wasn’t a gold mine. We could have immediately jumped to the assumption it was a Leprechaun doing a bit of work on the contents of his pot ‘o gold.

  1. Be fair, how often do you have a big bowl or a sack handy just when you need one. I’m glad I don’t have coal fires since I live in an area of once heavy coal mining. Must be why we Welsh learned to sing though so the diddy men could get out of the way.

    • I know that people are usually surprised by these kind of sightings but if there was ever a person in a great position to capture one of them it was the mother serving dinner. I doubt any mum back then was ever too far from a wooden spoon. Instead of chucking it out the door she should have given it a smack in the head with the spoon and hung on to the evidence!

  2. Almost like it wasn’t real – but real nonetheless, or it wouldn’t have ended up in print, right?

    Wow, one wonders what passed for journalism ethics back then:

    “So you say you saw this creature, unlike anything ever seen or heard of before, but you have no hard evidence of any kind to back up your claim?”

    “Yes, that’s right.”

    “Good enough for me, Let’s put it on Page 1!”

    • There have always been versions of the stories of ‘Little people’ I think that the thought of them appeals to all humans! 🙂

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